Florida Race List

Here are some of the great road races to do in Florida, for those of you who live here or for those of you who want to get away from the snow and cold weather during race season. Florida puts on some great races (and, yes, half of them are

south beach

south beach

Disney races) and, during race season, nothing is better than the sun and 70 degree race temps.

In no particular order:

Miami Half Marathon

Run this half marathon or full marathon if you are looking for a fun post holiday weekend in Florida with friends. This late January race has a buddy feel to it. Everyone seems to be there with 5 of their best friends. And these large groups come from all over the world. It bills itself as the most internationally attended marathon in the U.S. It’s a pretty course and takes you around a lot of boats, ships, and through South Beach. It’s also pretty eventful throughout, and I don’t mean preplanned course entertainment, if you get my drift. Hey, it’s Miami!

beer garden Sarasota

beer garden Sarasota

Sarasota  Half Marathon

Run this half marathon if you just happen to be in or around Sarasota, or if you want their huge race bling (their words) to add to your rack. It’s a small race and it’s the easiest late-season race to register for and to attend, mainly because they don’t require you to attend an expo or show up in town a day early to packet pickup. It’s a nice race to end your season.

Fort Lauderdale A1A  Half Marathon

Run this half if you want a great medal and happen to be in Fort Lauderdale this time of year. I haven’t run this but every year I admire the medals.

Palm Beach   Half Marathon

Ditto on Fort Laud Half.

Naples  Half Marathon

Run this race is you want to run through a beautiful and quaint seaside town in southwest Florida. It tends to be the weekend before Miami but, unlike Miami, it’s way more low-key. Lots of locals end up running this family-friendly race. Naples is beautiful and, in my opinion, the best town that south Florida has to offer.

Florida State UniversityTallahassee  Half Marathon

Run this race if you are looking for a cold winter race because you’re still burning up in soflo. It’s an out and back course on St. Mark’s trail and has a small group of runners for this small town race (small compared to Miami I mean). I haven’t run this one yet but plan to maybe in 2016 if I don’t get forced to do Miami again. The thing is that Miami and Tallahassee tend to schedule their races on the same dates or closet to them and they are on opposite ends of Florida.


Disney Races:

Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine

Disney Wine and Dine   Half Marathon

Run this race if you don’t want to run an early morning Disney race. The Wine & Dine starts around 10pm and the part lasts til 4am. If you have kids, bring a sitter to buy you some sleep time in the morning. It’s basically like a party where you happen to run 13.1 miles first while the rest of your friends and family are drinking, eating and forgetting about you waiting for you in Epcot.

Walt Disney World  Marathon or Half

Run this race if you want to take your kids to Disney during the coolest part of the year in Florida. It’s the fourth largest marathon in the U.S. and what better way to run a marathon than to haul your kids with you so you can ensure the least amount of sleep possible pre and post race? Brilliant! PR here you come!! But seriously, with a 530am start, you won’t miss much of the family fun because you’re out running.

Goofy Challenge  Half Marathon + Marathon (39.3 miles)

Run this race if you don’t want to just relax when you head to Disney with your family and instead want a challenge! You spend two back to back days running a half marathon and marathon. Talk about calorie burn for all the pretzels and caramel apples you plan to stuff down your face at the parks!

Dopey Challenge  5k + 10k + Half Marathon + Marathon (48.6 miles)

Run this race if the Goofy Challenge is too easy for you! Don’t you hate when you’re JUST running a half marathon and marathon back to back? Well this race lets you add on 9 more miles and 2 more days to your fun! That will easily take care of that Giradelli mint chocolate chip and fudge sundae you want to have at the parks with the kids. Again, all the races begin at 530 so you don’t have to worry about any of them cutting into your day plans at Disney much, if at all.

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