About Me

home sweet home

home sweet home!

I’m a 30-something runner living in south Florida. I’ve got 2 young kids, a wonderful spouse, a pet alligator (ok, maybe not, but if proximity equals possession then, yes, I have a pet alligator), and I work full-time and go to grad school full-time. Basically my days/nights/weeks/months are jam packed like the rest of America. But somehow I still find time to run.

I love running and this blog lets me talk about running and spare my spouse and friends from all my mundane (but exciting to me!) running stories.  Hopefully it will also motivate me and anyone else who needs a push out the door! I love reading about other runners and their victories and struggles with running too. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

Thanks for reading!

what can I say? he keeps me company on my runs... in a bad way

…  for every palm tree down here, there is one of these guys

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