Back running after taking a break

I took a break from running. Sort of. I ran. But I took a break from talking about it and took a break from racing. My last posts/races were 2 years ago! Wow.

I decided to end on a high note. I had just run my best marathon (feeling-wise, not time wise) and my best half marathon and I was like, ok, I’m out. It just felt time. I took a break.

In this “break” period from running, I got a Peloton. Yeah, I bought into that craze. ☺️ But let me tell you, that bike is awesome! It’s a really tough workout too. You can be decent at running and then get on a spin bike and you’re destroyed 10 minutes in. All my friends got Pelotons too (were we all taking a break from running?) and they all said the same thing – Peloton workouts are HARD. I won’t get into my Peloton review here but I will say it’s been a nice break from running to have someone lead my workouts. Yes, they have the Peloton treadmill and run workouts too but I’m too much of a run purist for all of that.

What’s changed in 2 years….

↪️…. well, for one, my attitude. The first years of my blog I was running out some massive negative energy. I won’t get into crazy detail but I’ll just say that my kid was really sick, and I was angry and frustrated and scared. I was trying to run all that out of me. I see my old posts now and I feel different from that person, definitely more chill. I started running when my kid was in a children’s hospital and thought: I don’t have control over any of this! … I should run. I should run it all out. I should run because I CAN control the hell out of that! And the rest was history. Running as therapy works. If anyone out there is having a tough time, I recommend running as a way to calm it down. It really does help. Then, one day, years after starting this blog and doing dozens of races with my “I should run” plan, I realized that my kid was finally ok… I felt this sense that I could finally let it go. The intensity that was powering my runs and races was gone. I was finishing my last marathon and thought, “Hey, it’s ok. They’re ok now. It all worked out. You can stop running…” and I did… mostly.

↪️ …. my shoes. On a way less serious note… I switched up my shoes yet again! Hey, I like trying new shoes. I’m wearing HOKAs now and I love them. I guess my feet started hurting and I was wanted the most padded shoes ever! Enter HOKA. Love them!

↪️ …. my watch. I got the new Apple Watch. What’s not to love here? It’s a phone when I’m out doing long runs on the island, it has a million apps for tracking workouts and heart rate, and it lets me use my AirPods which area also the best. It makes everything easy. And I’m not so much of a running purist that I don’t want some great tech. 😯

↪️ …. my views on cross training days. Ugh. I’ll talk about this later but basically the gist is that I’m older now and can’t wing training. Still in my 30’s but not early 30’s when you can have a beer and a cigarette after your run and still be ok. J/k! But I do feel the difference in training and let’s just say I get why they throw you the bone of a few minutes extra on qualifying time.

↪️ …. my reason for running. I like running. Ok maybe I even love running. No other workout could ever compare. I used to think I ran only for stress relief and to keep my weight in check but when I got to bare bones skinny for a while (more on that later… I went vegan… it was bananas) I still wanted to run. When I was happy I still wanted to run. I 💛 running!

Ok that’s it for now! Oh and I’m running the Disney Wine & Dine Challenge in November! Two days of running, 19 miles total. I’m excited! If you want to follow my run musings, cool! I hope to follow more runners on here and on Instagram. It really is a great (but small) group of people who distance run and it’s nice to stay connected.

Has anyone else seen their reasons or goals for running change through the years? Let me know in the comments!


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