I’ll Quit Tomorrow – Chicago Marathon Edition


I’m quitting Chicago.

I’m planning to quit Chicago.

I will most likely quit Chicago.

Chance of quitting Chicago… 61%……51%?

Arghhh… I can’t stop running my marathon plan!


That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Reminds me of that military expression “Standby to standby!” I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not blogging about running. So there’s what I’m NOT doing. But I know exactly why I’m not. It’s because if I write about anything going well with my runs then the universe will smite me off the Earth. I’m pretty sure that’s how things work.

…. but yes, training has been going well  ***knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder, hugs a rabbit foot***

Training for marathons, however, is not easy. I’m not sure it’s ever been enjoyable. All the little things like diet, sleep schedules, early training runs, etc, pretty much take over your life for months upon months. This happens every year. I know the grind. I figured, if I quit marathon training, then I can fill up all that time with doing other amazing things, or just plain relaxing. The problem with that neat little plan is that I’m not a “sit around and relax” type of person. I’m more of what you would call a “sit around and fret” type of person. And I don’t exactly do amazing things when I’m not running. Maybe I do amazing eating. That’s it.

non-running plans vs….

After thinking about the upcoming months of training, early weekend runs, the toll the schedule takes on myself and my family, the physical toll marathon mileage, and the incessant debate everywhere now on whether this type of running is doing more damage than good to us runners, I told myself I was quitting Chicago. It took me another 2 weeks to utter that phrase out loud to my spouse (who did not even believe me until maybe the 20th time I said it… and still probably doesn’t believe me). Took another 3 or so weeks to share my thoughts with my run partner (who is very understanding, yet disappointed I think). All the while though, I was becoming more militant in adhering to my training plan. It’s like the more I say I quit, the more I have stayed. The only excuse I can give to all my family and friends (whose general responses have been: wtf??) is that I do love running. I can’t help it. I love it a lot. It’s kind of hard to quit stuff you love (Tostitos lime chips, I’m talking to you too).

… non-running reality






And, sure, I love running, but do I love marathon training? That’s a harder question. I’m only up to the 12 mile long run, after my run partner and I got a late start on our training, so now is the time to decide. The superstitious runner in me was wondering if our delayed start wasn’t a sign that we weren’t really into it this year and that we maybe shouldn’t do it. But we rallied and got to this point in training at least. Now the question is do I love running enough to cross over from “recreational 12 mile runner” to “ok, now for some serious miles” runner? Let me tell you, the weekly mileage load lately…. I’m feelin’ it. It’s that point in training when you want to take naps in the middle of the day and your friends have noticed you now drink coffee after 4pm. I just don’t know what to do. But until I do… my answer to myself is: “Goodnight Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” (you = marathon training plan!)



6 responses to “I’ll Quit Tomorrow – Chicago Marathon Edition

  1. I hope you don’t quit! I’m running Chicago as well and I just love reading everyone’s progress. I definitely understand the time suck though. Good luck with your decision!


    • Thanks. Still completely unsure of how it will go. I need to read how everyone else is doing too. But every time I see pictures of people running Chicago (years past) I get jealous. It seems really great. It’s really hard for me to let it go. 😦 I’ll check out your blog too!

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      • I completely understand. FOMO is very real. I ran the NYC marathon last year and whenever I hear people talk about it, I get sad that I’m not doing it again this year. LOL


  2. You can do it. Marathon training – and the time spent thinking about marathon training – can be…well, sucky. But it sure is worth it when it all comes together, or mostly comes together, come marathon day.


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