Weekend Before Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

Nothing like an Easter Sunday filled with a daunting to-do list that includes a 10 mile run. It’s the last weekend before the Disney World Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon and I’m supposed to do a long run today. But the Easter Bunny brought me two cappuccinos this morning and a few other goodies and I’ve let it all detour me from anything productive today. Now I’m sitting here with all my chores backed up, including this 10 mile run (now a treadmill run because I didn’t get it in this morning) and I am trying to find the inner motivation go get it done.

The funny thing is I WANT to do my run. I look forward to it. Anything 10 miles and under is a good run and a good time for me, for the most part. But I think a bunch of random weekend eating has made me sluggish. Also, post-coffee slumps are the worst. And, no, the answer is not more coffee (… or is it?).

I’m going to need a good movie on the treadmill or this just isn’t happening. Making a treadmill TV/movie playlist is as annoying as making a iPod playlist. You’ve either seen everything already or the movies are too slow to motivate you to run, like they make you want to sit on the couch with a blanket.

But I’m finally starting to think about race weekend specifics now. The issue with Disney races is that, chances are, you’re going to the parks as well. Now that my kids are out of toddler age, we’re doing more and more at the parks, and also at the resort pools. So walking and swimming and running – it’s Disney’s version of a triathlon! Only it lasts for days and days and you didn’t at all practice running-walking-swimming-carrying kids beforehand. What could go wrong?! Did I mention this race will most likely be a run-walk event? Yeah, we’ve given ourselves the go ahead to walk in parts and stop and take pictures and just chill. This will not be a PR event. This is Disney World parks & race weekend survival. My personal race weekend “Dark Side” is the lazy river calling to me, whispering that at the end there is a Corona and lime…. must…stay….focused!!

my mind and body will be more here than 4am race start line

The funny thing is I’m more worried about my fitness and abilities this race than I have been in the past and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been. I think it’s partly because my better half and I went oil-free vegan a few months ago. It’s been this crazy but wonderful lifestyle change. We’ve lowered cholesterol and blood pressure and feel great. We weren’t at all overweight before but now we’re downright scrawny. My parents hate it and would very much like to force a cheeseburger on us and we joke that we look like we just got back from being contestants on Naked and Afraid. Weight loss wasn’t our goal but that’s what happens when you “just say no” to Costco wheels of brie. This will be our first race with our new diet so we’re curious how it will go.

So far the training runs have been good for both of us. I’ve been wanting to do a vegan running post for a while now but I wanted to have a successful race under my belt first. If I crash and burn at this race then it’s not a very good story is it? Go vegan, lose weight, and pass out on a half marathon – a how-to guide!!! Yeah, not the best. But I can at least say I’ve done 8 and 10 milers and felt quite good lately. What more can I ask for?

But back to the Dark Side Half…. I really wonder how the expo will be. I’d love to buy a Star Wars tech shirt to run in but I’m not sure they’ll have anything that will work. A nice loose tank top would be great. I’m also not sure what I’m even planning to wear on race day. It will be at 5am but it’s still supposed to be pretty warm that day, highs in the 90s, probably 70’s in the morning. Shorts and tank weather? I need to start figuring this out. I should practice race day outfit today.

Are you running the 2017 Dark Side Half Marathon? Have you run it before? Did you dress up? What was your favorite part?

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