Oiselle Summer Rogas – Review

I know I keep saying it, but Oiselle does not disappoint with their shorts. I’ve been wearing Oiselle tights, capris, striders, shorts and everything in between for years now but I can honestly say their Roga Shorts really do keep getting better and better. I recently ordered their Summer Roga Shorts and a new pair of Toolbelt Rogas.

A little background here – I live in south Florida where the humidity is around 85%+ every day and it gets pretty hot and muggy even on the coolest of runs. When I saw that Oiselle had specifically crafted a summer version of their Rogas, a short I already loved, well of course this short seemed made for us down here in soflo.








The main difference I saw/felt from the Summer Rogas ($56) vs the regular Rogas ($48) was that the Summer Rogas felt a little more flowy. They didn’t feel as structured or stiff as the regular Rogas, and the regular Rogas don’t even feel stiff at all! It’s just that the summer ones felt even softer and lighter. I tried them out on a particularly humid day here, the kind of day when, even when you are standing outside in the shade, you are wiping sweat off your face like you’re in the jungle. The shorts felt light as air, like you weren’t wearing any shorts at all. I don’t know what else you can ask for in a pair of summer shorts.

They sit on your hips in a really comfortable way and felt thin and breezy. The waist band doesn’t cut into you or cinch up weird and the whole look is very fitted and flattering.  As with all the Rogas, they have the built-in underwear. These built-in undies are perfect. It wasn’t until I started wearing Oiselle shorts that I began wearing run shorts as-is instead of wearing running undies underneath as well, for what it’s worth. They’re perfectly designed to be all you need. The back pocket was easily accessible while running and trying to throw an extra hairband in. They never got bogged down with sweat or humidity during an hour long run. Lastly, the Summer Roga’s have a 4″ inseam which definitely feels short when you’re almost 5’9″ like I am (I think the average female runner is 5’4″?), but they don’t at all feel too short. They’re good short like you’re thankful your runner’s tan lines won’t be that impossible to work with in your regular summer clothing. Also every extra inch of short length during summer marathon training feels like yards of fabric! Awful. So these are the perfect length, at least for a taller runner like me.

Oiselle Summer Rogas

Oiselle Summer Rogas in “coast”


Oiselle Summer Shorts from website

Oiselle Summer Shorts in “coast”  from website

















The only con, if you can call it that, was that the color, again, did not match up to the color you see on the website. This happened when I bought the “money” green shorts a while back. I mentioned it in a previous review but the color on the website was this brilliant grass green but when I got the shorts it was this dark cammo green color. There is a disconnect, which was a bummer with the greens, especially since I don’t do cammo anymore, but not at all a bummer with these “coast” blue Rogas. In fact, I only ordered the “coast” color because it seemed the brightest color of the new Summer Rogas, but I was wondering what I would match with that light teal color. Not a big deal, I figured. After all, I’m more interested in keeping my aches and pains in check vs what my shorts look like. But when I got them, after the shock of wondering if they even sent me the right pair because the color was THAT different, I actually love the dark teal color way better than the light teal on the site.

Oiselle Summer Rogas

Oiselle Summer Rogas in “coast”









In fact, if I had known they were this dark teal color I’d have bought them even sooner. So that was lucky. But for anyone who is curious what the color will look like, here you go. This is unfiltered, just under window light inside my house, along with a new pair of the Toolbelt Rogas ($56) in the “snap” color. The colors do look brighter in the outside sunlight, but still they didn’t seem the same as the color on the website. Again, not at all a big deal and I love this blue color!

Oiselle Toolbelt Rogas

                             Oiselle Toolbelt Rogas in “snap”


Oiselle Toolbelt Shorts from website

     Oiselle Toolbelt Shorts in “snap” from website
















The “snap” color will singe your eyeballs off, it’s so neon and bright in person. I love orange though so I figured any shade of orange would be fine by me and these are. I’m betting that Oiselle has a few additional new colors of their Summer Roga that they’re hiding away until the official start of Summer. I definitely plan to buy more of them. They’re not cheap shorts at $52 a pair, and they don’t seem to go on sale often or with a lot of variety, so you just have to commit to buying a well-made pair of shorts that will last you multiple seasons of wear and tear and hold up really well.


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