Another Disney World Marathon Year

My better half surprised me with another marathon entry for the Disney World Marathon. I had honestly forgotten (on purpose) about that marathon because, as anyone knows who has read my blog (not my better half apparently), I didn’t really want to run that race again. Sure, it’s a great time of year to run a marathon, the first week of January. Sure, the #RunDisney crew are the most efficient marathon race organizers I have ever seen. And, sure, everyone who runs the Disney World Marathon is overflowing with cheer and excitement and community…. ok… I lost my train of thought… I’m thinking about how much I want to hide under my covers…

The Disney World Marathon IS amazing. It’s absolutely perfect. I recommend it to every runner I meet. But it’s absolutely perfect in the same way the cutest little puppy is absolutely perfect for someone who loves dogs. Other people who do not love dogs, do not want to cuddle that puppy, even if it’s the cutest thing in the world. Sorry, that’s the best analogy I’ve got. But my husband said it was the 25th anniversary of the Disney World Marathon and reminded me that I had “SUCH a good time” at the last one I ran (Pure Luck! It actually started as the worst marathon of my life! read here ) and that he knew I’d want to do another marathon and not just a half marathon (wrong! halfs are great!).

But out loud I said “…………………………………. OH…. Wow…………….. Uh, thank you?…. um, you did this why?……….. yes, yes, it’s great……………. Wow…………is the coffee ready?….” Hey, since he doesn’t read this blog, I can lay it all out right here. It was so shocking to know I’d have another marathon in the queue this season that I think I blocked it out from my memory until just now, now that I’m facing another Run Disney event. I’m running the Disney Dark Side Half Marathon in about 20 days. I can’t believe it. Sort of like I can’t believe I’ll be going back in January. I looked on Instagram at everyone’s Dark Side Half photos and, of course, everyone is in full regalia. Full glitter. Full tutus. Full Star Wars fan attire. Mouse ears. Glow lights. Wands. Light sabers…… I honestly wish I could inject some of that Run Disney madness energy into myself. I’m going to try though! I really am. I think everyone’s costumes are great and I love how happy everyone is to be running.

             me & the other runners at Disney










So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m signed up for the 2018 Disney World Marathon… 3 months after I run the 2017 Chicago Marathon. In the meantime, I’m going to try and get every runner friend I know in Florida to sign up for the Disney World Marathon too. I’ve mentioned it to a few people with no luck so far. Marathons are a tough sell. But it seems that so many people run these races in pairs or groups. I also see normal, non-costumed, every day runners doing it, probably combining it with a family vacation. It’s a good race. I’m getting used to it. At this point it’s become my hometown go-to marathon. It’s fine. But if I sprain my ankle getting on the L Train in Chicago after the marathon and can’t run Disney, I mean those things happen right? No shame in cancelling Disney then right? I’m sure it will be fine though. :/

Anyone signed up for the 2018 Disney World Marathon yet? Is it your first time running it or have you run it before? What are your thoughts on Run Disney events?



5 responses to “Another Disney World Marathon Year

  1. I signed up for the 2018 Princess Half. The January marathon is on my redemption list as a race, I signed up for, but didn’t run (I switched to the half at the last minute). Have fun!


    • Good luck with Dopey! I can’t even imagine running all of those. Every year I run the marathon and see people on their 4th race and can’t believe it. And they think I’m a wimp for just doing the marathon. 🙂

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