Pre Marathon Training Assessment

It’s still just February but never too early to plan for the fall marathons. And my favorite kind of run plans are the vague, far far away ones. So here’s what I’m thinking for Chicago:

My Chicago Marathon run partner and I have been getting together for runs here and there but nothing serious and maybe 9 to 10 miles at a time tops. On one of those runs we decided we wouldn’t seriously start training for Chicago until the first of June. And we’re going to take May completely off of any planned training runs, probably even drop down a bit in mileage, so we can avoid burnout. Until then, we will get together for runs when we feel like it and do around 10-13 miles on weekend long runs. Plus I have the Star Wars Dark Side Half soon. Haven’t even been thinking about it. Just gonna show up. Then in June we’re going for gold on the marathon and we’re going to work on speed for our joint weekend long runs; something we have never done before.

It feels like a solid plan. We feel like older and wiser marathoners. We also know that Chicago is flat so it’s a now or never thing with regard to PRs. I mean, we’re not getting any younger right?

Interestingly, both of us are a lot fitter now than we have been the past years. It’s this weird thing but we’re both probably 10-15 lbs lighter than when we ran our last marathons. One of my theories is that when we took running out of the equation, or stopped thinking so much about running maybe, we ate like normal, healthy human beings and then dropped a ton of weight. I know when I run and focus my mind a lot on running, I do this insane thing where I rationalize buffalo wings and fries after every run. The way I’m running now, I do it randomly, but consistently, and don’t ever add rewards onto my day for a run. I just eat normal. Apparently that is the key to weight loss while running (pretty sure I’ve read this in run articles for years but categorically ignored it). I eat a ton of vegetables and fruit now instead of junk. Ok, so that’s my other theory: eating vegetables and fruits made me lose weight too. And my final theory is that doing weight training has ALSO helped me to lose weight. There endeth my theories – all groundbreaking stuff, I know.

Anyway, even though this was not really a plan for either of us but more of a side effect from focusing on non-fries/wings nutrition, we’re pretty certain our lighter frames will help with our marathon training. In fact, we discussed how we’re going to have to change our habits slightly and make sure to fuel enough as our runs get into higher double digits. And we definitely need to do the immediate refuel thing after our runs (hey, I had a butterscotch latte after a run on a 40 degree day here last month… that’s refueling right?).

But all in all we’re in good shape. There is such bliss in running because you love it instead of running with a manic run plan or goal in your head. I love this new way of running. I love running period. Yes, this has turned into my Valentine To Running post. 🙂

Hope you all have been doing great on your runs and races and training! Let me know if you’ve seen huge changes with running after working on your nutrition or weight training.

3 responses to “Pre Marathon Training Assessment

  1. Sounds like a good plan! I have races almost every month this year leading up to the Chicago marathon so I’ll have to figure out how to implement that into my training. My biggest concern is definitely burning out before the marathon. Eek!

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