Running In The New Year

This first month of 2017 has flown by! I’m still running but I don’t write as much about it anymore since I’m not up all night doing grad school work anymore. Thankfully!

Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon is in 13 weeks. That seems a million years away. Oddly, the Chicago Marathon seems like it’s coming sooner than Star Wars, but that is 40 weeks away or something. Also, since I’m running the Dark Side Half with someone else who is not doing it for time, there really isn’t the normal training pressure. I think we’re going to go all Disney fanatic and get in those lines at every mile to take pictures with the characters. It will be fun, but you don’t really need to train for that. I feel like I could do a half marathon like that right now.

Technically though I’ve only done 7 miles as my longest run. I could do longer but I’m trying to ease back into it. Plantar fasciitis in my foot is flaring up, I think because of some speed work I had started to do in the week, before stretching. I’m not sure what to do with it now but I’m just playing it safe. Always something, right?

I also worry about getting sick in the next few months before spring hits so I feel like I can’t ever be lazy on the weekends anymore. Every run counts! For instance, today I was gonna skip a long run, but my run partner called and got me out there. I’m so thankful for that. You just never know when your kids will bring home some sickness and then you’re out for 2 weeks.

One new thing is that my run partner and I are working on getting super fit by Chicago. I’m talking race prime here! We’re both doing strength training and tracking diet. We’re both at decent low-ish weight right now but not what I would call my race weight. They say not to obsesses over numbers but both of us have a racing weight number in mind for Chicago. I just want to be lean lean lean for the 26.2 miles through Chicago and feel that sense of flying from being light and strong.

I also bought a new Believe Journal, or the “Compete” one rather. The color is beautiful and it’s still the best run journal on the market. Great stuff. My other one was filled up! I can’t believe I already filled up a whole training journal with runs. I feel pretty proud of that.

That’s basically it. Boring, I know. But so much fun stuff is happening outside of running, with work and with other hobbies, and I feel like I’ve learned so much about distance running the last 3+ years so I don’t need to obsess about it as much. I’m just running and enjoying it. It’s really nice to coast a little bit as a seasoned runner now and know (*hope!!) things will just work out.


How’s everyone’s new year of running going? Anyone trying something totally different in their 2017 run season?



5 responses to “Running In The New Year

  1. Do you know what the difference is between normal weight and race weight? I’ve been thinking about losing some weight too for the Chicago marathon, but wanted to make sure it was safe. Also, that is a beautiful believe journal. 😊


    • There’s a book called Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald that shows the different weights for what type of running shape you want to be in. That might help figure out how much you want to lose. I agree, you wouldn’t want to lose too much. I had a friend who was gunning for the top 3-5% category or whatever the peak area of fitness was on the chart. She actually got there too and guess what? She got injured. Meb K always talks about how when you get too low in weight, injuries happen. It did with my friend. So I’m fine with being in the highest area of fitness for mere mortals. 😉 I’ve got to dig into that book and map out a plan! Hey, we’ve got 40 weeks til Chicago right?! Plenty of time!

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  2. Sounds like you have a good plan going into the year.

    Disney sounds fun.

    Lean for Chicago sounds like a good plan for sure!

    I need to figure out how to add weight into my triathlon training for that lean look and feel as well.


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