Black Friday Run Sales

As soon as I read that they projected a rise in consumer spending this weekend, I knew  it wasn’t going to be a good weekend for run gear discounts. Sure enough, while there are a few discounts and incentives, it’s all kind of underwhelming. I remember a couple years ago they were practically throwing in 2 new pairs of run shoes with every sock purchase. Now it’s like, “Buy $500 worth of run gear and get this AMAZING neon green pencil with your purchase!! *limit of 1 per person…”  Um…. ok?

This year’s sales are fine if you were in the market already or had planned to drop a lot of cash  on run gear this season anyway. After all, some places still have nice little bonuses. I wasn’t planning to do any of that though. I’m a broke post-graduate student at the moment. My run motivation is also broken by recent flu and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. But then, out of curiosity, I went to the Brooks Running page. I was kind of surprised that there weren’t any major deals. But I guess Brooks is doing pretty well right now without cutting costs. They don’t need to discount to turn a profit when they know they have the best shoes on the market. BUT… then I saw this year’s ugly sweater tech shirt. It was all over then. Damn you, Brooks! I can’t “run happy” unless that shirt is MINE!! I have the one from last year and I love it.

"ugly sweater" tech shirt

                                       Brooks “ugly sweater” tech shirt

So I bought some shoes. I bought the new 17 Adrenaline GTs. I love my 16 GTs and I have this theory that I’ll be doing a lot more running in 2017 sooooo… that ugly sweater is now on its way to my house. If you think about it, long sleeve tech shirts are at least, what, $20 or $30? That’s how I’m rationalizing it to myself right now. My better half also eagerly endorsed this purchase. I’m convinced it was because he saw how much sweet potato casserole I was clearing every day and thought, oh thank goodness, maybe she’ll start running again now and put down the casserole!

Brooks Adrenaline GTs

                    Brooks Adrenaline GTs








I also plan to get socks this weekend. That’s about it. I would love to drop hundreds on some more run shorts and tank tops but the fact is I have enough to get me through the amount of miles I run per week (barely any). And since I’m in the market for tank tops and shorts in Dec thru February, I’m hoping there are deeper sales coming up for those things.

Also, I think I might try out some other brands. I do still love the Oiselle run shorts so I’ll be looking out for any sales on those. And right now Oiselle has 30% off of $300, which isn’t bad if, like I said, you’re ready to drop over $200 right now for run gear. I still think it’s time to look around to see if there are any other good run tops out there. I recently saw that JCrew partnered with New Balance to put out workout clothes. Might be interesting to try some of those out, especially since I love stripes!

JCrew run clothes

JCrew run clothes

Did you shop run gear this Black Friday weekend? What did you buy? Did you think the deals were good?






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