Running With Kids – AKA Running While Always Sick

I used to think that the hardest thing was running right after you had kids. You know, right when you have a newborn baby and you haven’t slept in forever and your body feels broken and tired and there seems no time at all to get out there for a run? Turns out that’s CAKE compared to trying to run when that baby hits preschool!

My whole family has been sick ever since the first day of school. It’s insane. All I can think of is thank goodness I had already decided to take a break from racing this year. Otherwise I would have dropped out of everything because we’ve been sick almost every week since August. And when you have more than one kid, then that multiplies your chance of picking up every single bug out there. Right now we’re just getting over the flu… you know that thing we got a flu shot to prevent.

Everyone I know with kids says the same thing, that once they get around a ton of other kids it’s all over for a while. I’ve turned “running while sick” into an art form. I’m setting a ton of amazing new personal records now like first time throwing up while running and first time using a tree to hold me up in the middle of a run. Let me tell you, everyone has to try throwing up on a public run trail at least once. It’s magical.

I finally lost my fever from the flu yesterday and was so stir crazy that I needed to get outside. I figured, why not try a run? It was so rough. I forgot I had lost so much weight and gotten so weak from the flu that my body had nothing to give. It was the hardest 2.75 miles ever. I’m glad I went but I need to eat a bit more before I can even think about doing another run. Turns out coffee and NyQuil aren’t enough fuel after all.

It’s just crazy how sick everyone is constantly! I used to wonder why I didn’t see or hear of more parents with young kids running distance races. Now I know. They’re all at home sick!

Anyone else experiencing the sick kids = no running phenomenon? Did you just run sick or did you wait until you had a not-so-sick window?

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