First Day Of Fall = New Shorts!

Happy Fall 2016 everyone! This is the best time of year!!… when you live anywhere north of south Florida… which I don’t. But no matter! I am still getting caught up in all the Fall celebrations I see on Instagram or other people’s blogs!


       …what my “Fall” run trail looks like.












Down here in soflo it’s still hot. It was a “feels like 94 degrees” yesterday morning at 9am for our first day of Fall. That’s the kind of season I’m facing. I was at Starbucks ordering tea yesterday, hot, not iced, and there were 15 frappuccino orders lined up ahead of mine because it’s HOT here. They actually forgot my tea order, probably because it’s so unusual to order hot tea down here. Did I wish I was back at my DC neighborhood Starbucks in that moment?…. no comment.

Yeah, I get homesick sometimes, especially in our non-Fall and non-Winter down here. But I still love all the guaranteed sunshine. Let me tell you, it never gets old. And, outside of a hurricane, there really is no day when whether will prevent you from going outside for a run at some point. I guess that’s debatable for days when it’s 110+ degrees but even then you can go early in the morning and it’s only a cool 100 degrees. Ok I digress…

Oiselle Roga Shorts in Rio Red!

Oiselle Roga Shorts in Rio Red!











My husband, wonderful man that he is, must know I get all homesick-y around this time of year because yesterday, the first day of Fall, I came home to find a package from Oiselle! He bought me the Rio Reds!! I guess I’ve been talking about getting another pair of Oiselle Roga Shorts for so long that he definitely knew what to get me. It was such a shock. And I love them! (and him!)  🙂

Not to do another review of their shorts but these “Rio Red” shortss are a true red. It’s so rare to find a true, vibrant red in run clothes. I always say that if I ever see a true red piece of run clothes that I will buy it on the spot. I’m really glad to see these are as red as they are in the pictures. I bought a pair of the Long Rogas in green a year or so ago and, on their website, it was like bright grass green, which I love. But then I got them and they were cammie green! I’m talking military PT shorts color here. Definitely were not portrayed that way in the original photo. But these reds look just like they do on their site. Maybe it sounds nuts to get this excited about a pair of run shorts. But being able to wear shorts all year round is pretty great and it’s all about embracing where you live and the things you get to do there.

Oiselle Aero Jacket

                               Oiselle Aero Jacket










The Fall collection at Oiselle is pretty awesome this year I have to say. I didn’t even think they could outdo the Tracker Jacket until I saw their Aero Jacket… which would go great with my favorite Aero Capris. If I was up north I’d buy that jacket in New York minute. But there’s no way I need TWO long sleeve black run jackets down here. I wish. But hey, it’s also more economical that I only have to buy run clothes for one season, right? (this is how I will rationalize buying every color Roga)

I hope all of you up north enjoy those pumpkin spiced everything and all those amazing cool-weather Fall runs and Fall clothes you’ve been looking forward to all summer! And to my soflo neighbors, well, remember that “feels like 94 degrees” is still cooler than 104, and if we’re lucky we might even see some 84 degree days! And then there’s winter where we’ll see 74 degrees! Hey that’s going to feel cold to us! And you can always rationalize buying those great Fall run clothes if you’re running a race up north this winter. Go for it!

pumpkin spiceWhat is your favorite thing about Fall? What Fall races are you running?

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