Tired Runner Post

I forgot how tired you get when you up your mileage. I forgot I needed more sleep to recover. I forgot that kids don’t let you get more sleep to recover. I forgot that drinking 5x more coffee makes you sick instead of less sleepy. I also forgot my wallet today… because I’m so tired.





Funny thing about being so tired from running that you forget your wallet – you can still buy yourself some supercharged Starbucks using your phone! Phone pay is helping extremely tired and forgetful people everywhere! But I think I need to stop drinking so much coffee and make sleep my #1 goal. It just sucks that, to get more sleep (at least as a parent), your best bet is to go to sleep earlier rather than think you can sleep in later… as my littlest one reminded me at 4:45am.

Going to sleep early, which I hate, is just one of those things runners have to do I guess. I love that I’ve been able to finally up my mileage but I hate feeling exhausted all day. All I think about all day long is coffee. But coffee doesn’t really help, especially if you drink so much of it already. Coffee is awesome when you don’t drink it often and use it only as a “break in case of emergency” type thing. Right now, after my 4th coffee of the day, I just feel sick.

more coffee please

more coffee please!

As tired as I am, I still had a great run on Sunday afternoon after the morning at the beach. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill watching one of my favorite shows. I felt like I could have run 12 miles! I can’t wait to start running longer but I’m committed to gradually increasing my mileage the smart way. But now is also the time to get back into all of the other smart routines – like sleeping more and eating better.

Is anyone else feeling really sluggish and tired lately? Do you think it’s because of your running? What’s your favorite caffeine/boost in your day?



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