Oiselle Roga Shorts Review

Oiselle may have had some hits and misses lately with their products, but the Oiselle Roga Shorts are pretty on-point. Take it from a really fidgety runner who needs everything to feel PERFECT on a run, these shorts are the best! It doesn’t get more comfortable and non-fidgety than these.

Oiselle Roga Shorts

                                       Oiselle Roga Shorts









It’s no secret that I like Oiselle run clothes. But that doesn’t mean I think everything they create is brilliant and my favorite piece ever. For instance, their latest “Spandos” creations made me literally cringe and just stare at the picture of Lauren Fleshman in that yellow floral patterned number in shock. And this is coming from someone living in south Florida, which is not known for it’s subtle take on fashion. But even though Oiselle is having a moment of experimentation with its patterns and products (which is fine!), they are still are keeping up the quality and design of their core pieces, like the Roga Shorts.

I first started running in Oiselle capris after I had my two kids back to back (which doesn’t lend itself to getting back into your old run clothes asap). You can read about their Aero Capris and Tracker Jacket styles here and here – both awesome!  Then I decided to try Oiselle’s Long Roga Shorts, which they described as a comfortable transition from capris to shorts. I was skeptical at first but it was so accurate! They are also the only shorts that easily carry an iPhone 6 in the pocket.

But then as I started to lose all that baby weight, and since I live in a place where it gets up to “feels like 107” degrees 5 months of the year, I decided to try the traditional, shorter Oiselle Roga Short. These shorts have all the benefits of the Long Roga, same material super comfortable, wide waistband, and drawstring design. The Rogas are just a couple inches shorter than the Long Rogas –  4 inches vs 6 inches.  Somehow the Regular Rogas feel a lot shorter though. Maybe that’s because down here in the heat every extra inch feels like it takes you up 5 degrees. But both the Roga and Long Rogas have that loose, cool tech fabric that never gets heavy or sweaty even on runs in the summer in south Florida. The Rogas also have a small back pocket that you could fit a key in or some money, but otherwise are generally unadorned. The Long Rogas have a large right side pocket that I can fit my iPhone 6 in and run with pretty easily. I can’t stress enough how comfortable the waist on all the Rogas are. This has held true at my heaviest weight and even now at my goal race weight. The design of the waist really makes you feel like you are running in the most airy shorts around.

Weight and fitness do become issues when looking at run shorts. I hate it as much as the next person, trust me. But if you’re at a heavier weight, your legs are probably not as thin and this effects the mechanics of your running. When I’m heavier, my legs tend to touch/rub together more on runs. I hate it. It’s always my #1 motivation to get to my race weight. And if that’s the case with you too, then maybe these regular Rogas won’t work.  The Long Rogas are better for bigger legs. The Long Rogas don’t even ride up or bunch when you have bigger legs. They stay down. This is just something I always want to know about fit when I’m searching for shorts. I did try running in the regular/shorter Rogas before I got to my goal weight and it wasn’t as pleasant. I think there just comes a moment when the Long Rogas feel like too much fabric because your legs are thinner and then you move up. Or not. It’s all about preference!

Another bonus of all the Rogas, that I never thought of before with run shorts, is the built-in underwear. Ok this is kind of awkward to elaborate on but here goes….. I was never a runner who just used the underwear provided on the run shorts. But now I feel like it’s even better to run sans undies and just use the ones they provide. Before now I would wear the Oiselle Rundies and then wear the run shorts over those. The sewn-in undies never felt right in other brands’ run shorts. But here’s where Oiselle shines. Their sewn-ins are really soft and you don’t even notice them. I think it’s because they’re all runners and they have numerous professional runners, including Lauren Fleshman and Kara Goucher, testing out their pieces. They’re not going to put out something that sucks to run in or is less than perfect for running. (Look, even the Spandos probably feel great to run in, they just look insane that’s all… and maybe some runners LOVE that “Hey I’m insane check me out!!” look, in which case check out eBay for some yellow Spandos)

As an aside, Oiselle must have gotten the memo on those other Spandos pieces because both their website and the internet as a whole seem wiped clean of any trace of that pattern (not the new “disco” ones but the older patterns). Very very interesting. It was actually so bad that when my Volee renewal came up, I declined. I was too shocked that they had come out with something so bad that I thought, well I guess I won’t be ordering much from them this year. If you look closely at the picture below, that is the only picture I could find of the yellow Spandos. Trust me, it was bananas…no pun intended. All of the patterns were pretty intense. And I just saw that the current pattern they have on sale has the entire tag (size, laundering instructions, “Made in USA” sign, etc) on the outside of the shorts. Very bizarre.

Oiselle Spandos

                                                      Oiselle Spandos

But back to the Rogas… I want a pair in every color, especially the Rio Reds. I currently only have the navy colored ones, which I have to keep washing over and over. That’s not ideal but at a price tag of $48, well, I wanted to be sure I really liked them before I bought a bunch of them. Actually I bought this pair on sale because I like trying them out before I commit to full price. I just finished grad school so as much as I want to outfit myself in $200 worth of amazing, comfortable run shorts, it’s just not happening now. But for all those of you who have at least $48 to dish on some perfect run shorts, these are your shorts!


Oiselle Roga Shorts

                             Oiselle Roga Shorts









Hope this helps someone buy a good pair of run shorts! And I hope Oiselle never changes their Rogas. They’re perfect! They even sell a pair FSU burgundy (aka burgen). 🙂

Has anyone else tried the Rogas? What do you think?


9 responses to “Oiselle Roga Shorts Review

  1. The Burgen color rocks. My long runs are done in their Fancy Stride shorts. Unfortunately I am up in weight- boo and right now that is all that feels comfortable. I tried running in another pair recently and it was not cool for the exact reasons you mentioned above. I love the look of the Rogas but need to lose a few first. 😦 And yeah, I really don’t get the Spandos– in any pattern.


    • I have a pair of their Stride shorts too. But I found them too hot down here in the summer. Some of their capris felt cooler even with longer fabric, oddly enough. But the Rogas feel like they are air floating around you. Have you tried the Long Rogas? Those are still pretty great and light and feel comfortable even if you’re not where you want to be weight-wise. And I’m glad you see what I mean about the Spandos! So confusing!


    • That’s great that you liked them! I guess you have to jump on it when you like something in case they discontinue it, like with the yellow Spandos. I definitely want to jump on their fall lineup if only the weather would get colder here where I live!


  2. Loving their Mac Rogas right now!!! (just discovered them) & just ordered a pair of Rogas (regular) to try out as I feel like the longer length would be more comfortable for hiking and things that require you to move your legs in angles that the Mac Rogas may not best be suited for (short!!) lol. Nice review 🙂


    • Thanks! I’d love to try the Mac Rogas too but I think I need to ease into the shortness. 🙂 I’m sure they’re just as comfortable as the other Rogas though! They’re definitely addictive once you start buying them.

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