If Lazy Was An Olympic Sport, I’d Win Gold

I’ve run once this week. Three miles. That’s it. I’m supposed to run today as a last ditch effort to put some mileage in before the week ends. Instead, I’ve been eating pretzels and watching the Olympics. You know, watching other people workout while I sit around and eat.

I need a schedule stat! Turns out I’ve been too lazy to even create one in the past month. When you don’t have a schedule, you do the most random things, like run a 6 miler a random weekend because you felt great and the weather was great. Whoops. Go directly to jail and do not pass GO (aka take 2 weeks off training and start back at 3 miles because your lungs did not appreciate that).

About that 6 miler though… it felt brilliant. I haven’t been that happy in a long time. My body WANTS to run some long runs. But my lungs are still getting back into things. My body still has the fitness though so I can’t stand starting over from scratch. I think that’s contributing to my laziness. It’s hard to stay inspired in this situation, even though I’m really grateful for even being able to run right now.

It’s also really easy for days, weeks, and months to get away from you if you don’t have a race dictating your every workout. And I thought I’d feel so energized after I finished grad school but I feel like my body just switched off along with my brain. I’m running LESS now that I have MORE time. Figures. What’s that expression? – If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. – Asking my lazy self to run is not working.

Who else is getting SUPER EXCITED about the marathon tomorrow?!?! 🙂

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