Running Is Awesome!!

I’ve been getting back to running slowly but surely here after this past winter of horrible illness and injury. And the thing I’ve noticed about coming back from injury is that you view every run as AWESOME! Before, when you’re just a healthy normal runner, you are like “Ugh, how many miles today? I’m so tired. It’s so hot. I really don’t feel like this…” But when you haven’t been able to run in forever, you sprint out the door like Emmett from The Lego Movie. 🙂

Everything is awesome!

In fact, you know you’re starting to feel better when those old “Ugh… not feeling this…” thoughts come back. I’ve only felt that once since I started back this past month. And then there’s the alligator factor. Not gonna lie, the whole Disney alligator thing threw me. A week after that happened I saw an 8 foot alligator here near the area I run and it burned fear into my brain. I know there are alligators all around, but SEEING an 8 foot alligator was something that just really registers with you. I’ve always been concerned with alligators but lately I just want to have a stress-free, mindless run where I don’t have to be wondering what is in the tree line. So I’m back to treadmill running. And guess what? Yep, it’s AWESOME! 🙂

Everything is awesome!

No sarcasm here folks. Did I not mention this was going to be an obnoxious run post? I am loving all my treadmill runs. I’ve always loved my treadmill though, unlike seemingly everyone else. I recently met someone who said they didn’t have time to run and, when I mentioned that my treadmill helps with time constraints, she admitted that she also had a treadmill. Guess she’s not feeling the love. It’s funny how many people have treadmills who don’t use it or hate it. But I really think that if you enjoy running in the first place AND you buy a great treadmill, you will love treadmill running.

Side note… just noticed that they have removed the huge TV monitor that used to come with the Nordictrack Commercial Treadmill series. What the heck?! That was the best part! Now they only sell it with a swivel holder for your iPad. Ok, it’s still a great treadmill but that huge monitor was a big reason I bought the treadmill and why I still enjoy it so much. It is so nice to watch shows or movies on a large screen especially adapted to your treadmill. I’m not feeling the iPad attachment thing at all.

Anyway, so I’m gradually increasing mileage and maybe the only non-awesome thing is how slowly you have to increase mileage when you’re starting over from scratch. When you’re doing marathon training, you go from 8 miles to 10 miles in a flash. When you are starting from scratch, you go from 2.5 miles to 3 miles to 3.5 miles and it takes forever to make these jumps. It’s so annoying when I’m raring to go! But I know you have to do the building right or you’ll get hurt.

So much running stuff to talk about but been too busy to jot it all down! Hoping to get back into the full run training thing, complete with over-sharing of every run experience along the way. I’m just pretty happy to be running. 🙂

Lego Movie

Even the master builders run!

2 responses to “Running Is Awesome!!

    • Thanks! And yes, the alligator is a major factor. I’m just too mindless of a runner so I think I need to limit my variables (in Florida that means snakes, gators, and crazy drivers).


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