Disney Virtual Race

Anyone looking for an easy summer 5k?! This just in – RunDisney has entered the world of virtual racing.

Just when you thought RunDisney had done it all (Star Wars racing, Princesses racing, multi-day “Dopey” racing…), they have now found a way to pull more people back to their world of running. This summer they are hosting the Virtual Running Shorts Series which consists of the Yellow Shoes 5K, the Red Pants 5k, and the White Glove 5K. The gist of it is you sign up, pay $39 for the race entry (a steal for RunDisney events), download your race bib online (optional, but fun), and run 3.1 miles during the race time frame assigned to your 5k. Thirty days after that they send you your medal for your virtual race in the mail. It’s all honor system and you can run anywhere you like. That means you could run this race on your treadmill even.

I came upon this series a bit late, since it started on May 15th and the Yellow Shoes 5K is already sold out. But I got in for the Red Pants and White Glove 5k. There was also the option to buy all 3 entries at once and and get the bonus of the series medal and “Mickey tumbler” as well as the individual race medals. Unfortunately, that option is also sold out. But if you hurry you could get in for the last one I think. When you live in any of our lovely southern states, you have very limited race options in the summertime, so this may be your best bet!

I think the medals for this one are going to be pretty good too. And by that I mean they’re pretty nice for 5k medals, which are often plastic, if they have them at all for a 5k. And definitely good for virtual medals. I’ve seen a lot of virtual medals that look sort of homespun. And sure, you’re paying $39 for this Mickey-themed medal (more if you also donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) but it’s better than paying $39 for Cheetos and beer… which I would never do, of course. I mean Cheetos cost way less than that.

Disney virtual medal









Right now I’m coming back from injury so a 5k is right up my alley. And my race envy has gotten pretty bad lately with one person I know doing Marine Corps Marathon and then, recently, my old battle buddy told me she signed up for the Army 10 Miler again. It’s been rough to sit on the sidelines and hear how everyone is doing the races I used to enjoy doing every year. And, sure, when someone is talking about Army and Marine Corps races and you come up and say that you’re doing “Red Pants”…. well, you know what, I’m confident enough to own my Red Pants race status.

Disney virtual race

It’s going to be the slowest 5k in history, but I’m just glad to be getting back into it. I’ve missed running so much these past few months. I think I’m scheduling my first virtual 5k for this Sunday, come rain or shine. Actually, the rain feels pretty great down here now that temperatures have reached 100 with what feels like 99% humidity.

Have you done a virtual race before? Do you enjoy the idea or prefer to race at a bigger event?

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