Marathon Envy

I said I wasn’t going to run any more marathons in 2016. Conveniently my lungs crapped out on me also liked that plan, so I’ve tried to just forget about running for a while. But then I get to talking to people… runners… and I get massive marathon envy. I start doing stupid things like seeing if registration is still open (it is) and whether there are enough weeks left to train (there are). It’s made me kind of grumpy and restless, whereas before I was resigned to my life of french fries and no marathons.

I recently talked to someone who asked whether I had any races in the books this year. Nope. My last 3 miler kind of set me back a bit so I have to start again, much slower. Then she told me she is running Marine Corps. Ugh….. I wish she would have said she was running Miami or Chicago or New York or anything other than my hometown race. Then I could have said, “Awesome! Have fun with that!!” Instead it was a huge reminder that I would not going home to DC this year and I was not running a marathon this season.

My local run partner is also running a marathon this year, a local one. I thought I’d end up running a local marathon this year too but, even without me having to start at square one again, I’m just not into the local races. And Disney is straight out. No offense to Disney Marathon, because it’s great and it’s put on so well and I think everyone should try it, but I swear I can’t handle people dancing around in costume on race morning for a while. I need a break from tutus and glitter in my face at 3am. For those of you who don’t remember my journey to Camelot, read about it here.

Marine Corps is right up my alley. It’s a very normal race, no craziness or fanfare. Weather is always great. It’s just a peaceful race. I’ve always said it feels like morning PT in the military.

Now, it’s not like I can just decide to run Marine Corps Marathon though. The lottery is closed. It was a $135 entry. They have entry transfers in June, I think, and if you can find someone to give you an entry (I hear it’s tough), you still have to pay the $50 transfer fee. But all of that is cheap compared to what Runner’s World is charging this year. For an additional $300 they will give you guaranteed entry, plus all their other benefits. Grand total – $435. Something like that. Yikes. Did I mention I’m still in grad school? I think they upped the price this year too. Of course it’s way cheaper than going through charities for other marathons like Chicago or NYC. But it might as well be $4,035 for as much as I can afford it. And that’s not including tickets up north. That pretty much slams the door on that plan. But it’s a great offer. And now they’re giving people a fleece? What?! Damnit I missed the fleece-giving last year. Figures. But yeah, not happening this year.

Marine Corps Marathon Runner's World Challenge Booth

Marine Corps Marathon Runner’s World Challenge Booth




Marathons are expensive <– title of my next post.

I may try to get myself together and train with my local run partner. I still love all the long run training. There is a great camaraderie in training for the same marathon with someone. That would be great. That part is the real bummer in all of this. But I’m going to have to sit this season out with the actual racing. It’s fine. Really. (…so long as I don’t look at any pictures of MCM)

Who’s doing a marathon this fall? Which one? How much does money play into your decision?

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