My 10 Week Break From Running

Tonight was my first run after a 10 week break from running. It was pure joy. I ran 3 miles and I must have looked crazy because I was looking up at the sun and clouds, smiling while I ran. It felt SO GOOD to be back.

Turns out that whole “just a bit of bronchitis” thing turned into “just a major downward spiral from bronchitis” that left my lungs in pretty critical shape. Needless to say, running was totally out of the question until I got better, and that took a lonnnnnng time. It’s been really rough and really unexpected, to say the least. I do appreciate my doctor recently insinuating that perhaps it all got so bad because I pushed myself too hard in the beginning by running through my bronchitis. Hey pal, I was running BEFORE I knew I had bronchitis!

I’m still in shock that I’ve been out of commission for so long though. 10 weeks?! Wow. In the past, when I imagined a 10 week break from running, I imagined a lot more Doritos and a lot less respirators. But anyhoo! Onward and upward!!

Oh and that whole Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon? CANCELLED. I was so bummed when I realized I couldn’t run it. But it’s not even an option. Interestingly, I was able to defer the race until next year. I’m surprised Disney lets you do that. They make you pay a deferment fee but now it’s in the bag for next year. It won’t be the inaugural race but that’s fine. I’m just grateful I’m back to my old self again after all of that. It feels so good to run again and not be really, really sick.

I’ve been avoiding all run blogs and run news while I was sick because I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t run. But I get back into run news and I keep seeing stuff about Boston. I’m like, what are they talking about? We just watched Boston …. Whoops! I was thinking about the Olympic Trials and not Boston! I can’t believe the Boston Marathon is up again! Can’t wait to watch it!

Well, just checking in here on my blog. Definitely need to play catch up and read about how everyone’s running is going! Also pretty eager to come up with a run plan and race plans (NO marathons for a while) and just enjoy each day. I always considered myself a deeply grateful person, in that I never take my health or the health of my loved ones for granted. But this sickness really pushed my level of gratitude to whole ‘nuther levels as far as running is concerned. Let me tell you folks, every day you can run is a good day. Gonna try and be more grateful about each run vs critical of my run. How’s that for a new 2016 goal? 🙂



6 responses to “My 10 Week Break From Running

  1. So glad you’re back. I’ve missed you, and am sorry to hear that you’ve been sick. Nice to hear you’re better now!!


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