Vegan Day 18 + Bronchitis – Running = NOT FUN

You know what they say about best laid plans? Well my plan had been to ramp up my running, do a ton of strength training, get super fit, maaaaaybe do a 30 Day Vegan Challenge, but most likely fail spectacularly on that last plan. And what ends up happening? The opposite, of course.

The Vegan Challenge is still going strong… Today is Day 18 of vegan eating. I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far, and yet, it’s not very hard at all. I think it helps that I had already ditched most dairy and random meats before now with my foray into elimination & clean eating. So really all I was giving up is the organic whole milk in my cappuccinos and the salmon and seafood I would eat twice a week. And since I’m sick as hell, I have been eating vegan soups all day every day for probably the last 5-6 days, which is also pretty easy.







The Run Plans, on the other hand, have all but evaporated…. Turns out I have a wonderful case of acute bronchitis. It’s painful and there is ZERO chance of running right now. If I had to guess, I’m thinking I won’t be able to run for another 2 weeks. It pretty much sucks. And so much for all this “detoxing” I planned to do with vegan eating because I’m on all these meds now, which I hate and which is the opposite of detoxing.

At times I have wanted to ditch the vegan eating or put it on hold until I could try it during normal circumstances of running and training. But why? I don’t have anything I’m really craving I guess. I would probably just have some fish but it’s neither here nor there right now so I’ll just keep doing vegan. Eventually I’ll be off the meds and be able to see the full effects of eating like this while training. It’s not like it’s a bad way to eat, right?

The negative side of me is pissed that I’m coming off my running season and marathon training and now can’t run at all and I’m losing fitness every single day I don’t run, pushing me back who knows how far in training. The positive side of me is just thankful I’m not worse (pneumonia for instance!) and thankful that this happened AFTER all my races finished and at a time when I don’t have much serious training on the docket. I do have the Star Wars Half on April 17th but I still think that will be ok. Just maybe not as stellar as I had envisioned.





The reality is that when I start back running again it’s going to be at square one… or at least feel like square one after this extended sickness. But that’s ok. I’m thinking about busting out my Runner’s World Sub 4:00 marathon plan – the one I got from the Runner’s World Challenge/VIP for last year’s Marine Corps Marathon. I know I don’t have a marathon in the works but I liked the plan a lot and I’m STILL gunning for the sub 4! If I’m going to start over then I might as well start over with that.




First things first though – to get better! I have seen so many people coughing and sick lately with this same thing, it’s nuts. But it’s just a bump in the road. I guess I can finally get to all those gear reviews I’ve been wanting to do! …. or catch up on all the school work I’ve been missing since I got sick. :/

Who else is racing in the next few months? What race are you doing?

7 responses to “Vegan Day 18 + Bronchitis – Running = NOT FUN

  1. What a frustrating feeling, I hope you feel better soon. High five to you for sticking with your eating plan! When I’m sick, all I want is comfort foods…or no foods at all. I’m glad you’re able to find soups that you like! Looking forward to those gear reviews 🙂


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