Olympic Marathon Trials Super Fan-ing! Next Stop Rio!!

Fastest marathon ever!… for me at least! I was glued to the TV to watch the LA Olympic Marathon Trials today. It was such an exciting race!! Thankfully (FOR ONCE) they put it live on a major network and I could watch it on a huge screen in my house instead of my tiny laptop, which I appreciate for my super fan-ing.

I had so many favorites going into this race but of course I’m a constant fan of Meb Keflezighi, Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher, and Desiree Linden. But there are at least a dozen more to fan over lately at the marathon level! Amy Hastings Cragg was so strong last trials (finished 4th) but this year she killed it! AND she showed what an honorable person/great friend/teammate she is by fervently and continuously motivating her training partner Shalane Flannagan along when she entered a rough spot at mile 23. Shalane ended up making the team (which she credits Cragg for helping her achieve) by getting 3rd place after Desi Linden but collapsed at the finish line. It was crazy!




I’m telling you this race was nail biting throughout! I kept wondering where Desi Linden was because she was the one I was SURE was going to Rio… and she’s way in the back, 20 runners behind!! Eventually the race commentators came on and said that it was her plan to stay in the back and relax until the end and save some for Rio. Whew! But I was still freaking for her when four of them broke away before the half and Desi didn’t go with them! EEK!!! You gotta hand it to whoever her race strategists/coaches are though. I’m sure their hands are sore from all the high-fiving they’ve been doing today because it worked!






Special congrats to Kara Goucher today who came in 4th. A total bummer of course to come in 4th (the race commentators so crassly stated that “fourth is nothing”) but the way she was talking leading up to this race it seemed like she was talking about coming in 40th! She really downplayed her strength in my opinion because she looked amazing out there! For a while they were thinking she’d get the 3rd spot. I wish 4 people could go to Rio for Team USA!







The guy’s side of the marathon trials wasn’t as crazy exciting but it was still surprising. I cannot believe Meb is still up there showing everyone how it’s done! Wow. And here I thought he’d just sort of take that Boston victory and revel in his amazing accomplishments thus far. Nope! He’s going to Rio! I think they said he’s going to the Olympics more times than anyone in U.S. history and the oldest Olympic marathoner in U.S. history. Then you had Galen Rupp and Jared Ward sort of coming out of nowhere (as far as commentary was concerned), with Rupp winning the whole thing on his debut marathon! He qualified with a half marathon time and on his first marathon, the Olympic Trials, he WON!! How crazy is that?! And Jared Ward looked so happy coming across the line! I loved watching all of them race.






The whole race was great and the NBC coverage wasn’t bad either. In the beginning I was getting annoyed that they weren’t showing more of the race. They were putting 5 minutes of commercials to every 90 seconds of video on the runners (it doesn’t count if “race coverage” is on the announcers on the sideline interviewing people). But they seemed to really tighten up the coverage towards the end so I’m happy about that! …. But if I could be a little picky here… I’d love for more PRE race coverage, with the athletes getting ready on the line and all the introductions that I KNOW happen before the start gun goes off. Can’t we see that? We run fans celebrate every bit of the race day process! And come on, show beyond the lead pack of 3 or 4 people! There are great runners out there and it wouldn’t kill you to pan down the line a bit from time to time would it?? I wanted to see Fernando Cabada and Sara Hall and Dathan Ritzenhein run, to name but a few!






I hope you all got to see the race today! I’m not sure how many regular runners or marathon runners follow elite running. According to one of the Runner’s World Magazine editors I talked to, it’s not many. That’s a bummer because professional runners really could use the fan support. Think about it, if we don’t support these great runners and tune in for these races, then the sponsors don’t go out and financially support them so they can run. And if they can’t make running their day job, then they can’t compete like this. Let’s support our runners and their sponsors! TEAM USA!!!



I had everyone I know tuning in for the trials today! (conveniently everyone I know is sick so it was easy to get them to tune in from their sick beds… myself included)


Did you watch the Olympic Marathon Trials today? What did you think about the race?

11 responses to “Olympic Marathon Trials Super Fan-ing! Next Stop Rio!!

  1. Amazing!!

    I was at a kiddie bday party and missed it 😦

    Your recap was awesome though. I will look for the on line.

    Damn 4th…..so close….I almost would rather come in like 10th or something….

    I am actually more of a sprint…track and field kind of girl( I ran the 400/800 in high school and college) I usually watch those trails.

    Team USA!!


    • That’s what they were also saying about 4th place – that it’s the worst place to come in. Yes I should watch the track trials too! I’ll be all over all running events come Rio though! So exciting!


  2. I was on errands for most of the coverage… Bit got home in time to watch the women finish. Wow!! It was so inspiring.

    Also your critique is good. Some excellent points regarding the coverage.

    And actually TV! How cool is that?


    • That was the best that it was on TV. No offense to American football but every team is on every channel all the time and football fans get to watch 1,000 interviews of their players and get coverage of them tying their shoes and chewing gum for hours in the beginning! So I KNOW they know what kind of all-around coverage I’m talking about! Maybe that makes me a crazy run fan but I want to see a little more of the runners like they give to the NFL fans!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good points!
        I wrote about this one one time….but we’re huge fans of high school cross country (an obscure sport I know). Every year we watch the footlocker nationals on a computer. It’s a streaming, buffering nightmare. But they do a good job featuring runners, showing the introductions etc. That kind of coverage would have made yesterday’s trials even more exciting!


      • I love high school cross! I’m surprised you can stream that even. Heck, I can’t even get FSU cross country videos and it’s at college level. I keep telling them to divert FSU football funds into the run teams but nobody seems to be listening to me yet. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I actually forgot it was on! so there you go for runner not supporting the elites. I will be sure to follow it during the olympics. I think some of these runners do have a pretty big online following. Anna frost, karaoke and Shalane are pretty active on social media


    • See they should have advertised it more! πŸ˜‰ But no worries, plenty of time to paint your face in red, white, and blue to cheer them at Rio! And yes some do have great followings, but usually only the very top. It’s great to follow the up and coming ones too. But I’m just a run nerd like that.


  4. What a race! I agree with your critiques of the coverage – I would have liked to see some of the non-leaders racing too. At least pan to them every once in a while. If I’d seen just a short clip of Desi cruising behind the leaders, I would have had a much better sense of her game plan.

    I’ve been an Amy Hastings fan since she won the US 10k championships when they were at Peachtree a couple of years ago, so I was happy to see her win. And Desi…and Shalane…and Kara. I really feel for Kara, but I really respect how she’s come back to perform at the level she did. Desi’s coaches (one of the Hansons) said that he was more nervous to have Kara trailing Desi than anyone in the field because she’s so tough.

    Rump looked great – his stride is something to behold – and I’m obviously so thrilled for Meb. But I was definitely more captivated by the women than the men this go-round.


    • I had been following Hastings for a while but didn’t realize she had gotten that amazing! Hopefully one of the 3 brings home a medal this year!! Also hoping that they do more drug testing to keep the playing field even and keep the doping athletes away from Rio! Just seems like so many have gotten through the cracks lately!… but that’s a post for another day. πŸ™‚


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