Back Running Outside In Soflo

I haven’t been running outside down here in South Florida in a while since I’ve been doing a bunch of races this year. With how busy the year’s already been, it’s too easy to just say I’m getting on the treadmill to do my runs. But I think I lost a lot of the benefit from outside running with all my treadmill training in 2015.

Run Trail

when the weather is dull here, the run paths are vacant












Surprisingly, the thing I feel I lost was constant speed training. Last year I tried to do one day of speed training (on the treadmill) per week. But when I run outside, it’s almost as if every day is speed training. Every outside run feels like “Ugh, I just want to be home! If I run faster, I’ll be home faster!” On the treadmill I tend to lazily press buttons until I get to the bare minimum “run” pace.

Bird Watching

            bird watching from my run path












Here are some pictures of me forcing myself out of the house for a 6 mile loop. Gotta love loops. There is no quitting early on loops! You’re sort of compelled to keep going around, keep going in the same direction, and finishing your loop. Whereas with an out-and-back course you can stop and turn back early. I dunno, it’s all mental!

Sanibel-Captiva Heart Walk









Ran into the Sanibel-Captiva Heart Walk setting up for the event.

Sanibel-Captiva Heart Walk





flooded paths

                      lots of flooding in the area








It’s been really rainy here lately and a lot of the trails are flooded. I have to avoid narrow run paths through the brush because I worry that the water line is up and the alligators are now closer.





I must have seen 30+ bicyclists on my 6 mile loop but ZERO runners. Nobody runs around here. I’ve said it a million times. Ok, not literally no one but practically!

Doc Ford's Rum Bar

uh oh… a new rum bar is going up on my run route




Captiva sign

all the signs around here freak me out. LAST TURN!… HURRICANE ESCAPE ROUTE!!… YOUR TIME IS NIGH!!





run path

the only fun path through scrub b/c I know for a fact no alligators in here




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