Stupid Run Shoe Problems!!

What I want to do is fill this post with every curse word on the planet… on loop! But I’m trying to keep it together and solve this problem of my run shoes:

I don’t have any!!!!

I’ve been wearing my same Asics GT – 2000 2’s since they came out in 2014. It’s going on 2 years and 4 marathons now. They’ve given me everything they’ve got. I need new shoes! I’ve tried to replace them but nothing works!! You’d THINK you could just go to the next year’s model of Asics  and it would be all good. Well that didn’t happen.

Asics GT 2000

these are my old 2014 Asics GTs – the best run shoe I’ve ever worn!








I bought the 2015 Asics GT – 2000 3’s. No good. A hole ripped through the top and I returned them for a bigger pair, thinking that would fix the problem. No. A new problem arose with longer use. The arch support felt too far back and was rubbing into my heel. I even bought the MEN’S 2015 Asics GT – 2000, thinking placement might be different but no. And I wasn’t able to return either of them because I had been using them for maybe 6+ weeks or so before I realized there was a problem – the problem being the plantar fasciitis that I believe was caused by the arch support hitting my heel. I now have TWO PAIRS of 2015 Asics GTs that I can’t wear and all I see when I look at them is dust collecting and dollar signs $$$$$$$$.

I bought the Altra Provisions. They didn’t work. Great shoe and I wish I could run in them but I needed more stability. IT band hurts a lot with those.

Altra Provision

                           Altra Provision






Brooks Adrenaline

                          Brooks Adrenaline



And then yesterday I bought the 2016 Brooks Adrenaline. They felt good in the store and I wore them before I turned to Asics. Sure, they’re a bit stiff and boxy when compared to the sock-like Asics, but I knew that already. It was fine. I used to like the structure of the Brooks vs the soft Asics. The arch felt fine and that was the most important thing.

Fast forward to mile 3 on the treadmill tonight…. *pain*… my big toe was rubbing on the bottom. And a blister felt like it was forming there like on mile 6 of the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon when I was wearing combat boots through those sand dunes!! Only these are run shoes!! Run shoes shouldn’t feel like combat boots! Rubbing a blister at mile 3?! What the f&*%!!

I kept running to mile 6 because I was getting my damn miles in tonight no matter what and I might as well see what these shoes were going to do to me. Finished up and decided they go back. They don’t work. That’s it. At least this time I’ll get my money back.

But what good is getting my money back if I can’t BUY another PAIR?!! What do I do NOW?! I still need run shoes!

This is getting ridiculous and I’m getting upset. I’m NOT going to let my current fitness be wasted while I try to find shoes. I need to keep running. It’s not FUN to start from scratch every summer to build miles.

I just can’t believe this. It’s hard enough to get mileage in at night after work and before (or in lieu of) studying. But to not be able to find shoes that work for me??… seriously, I can’t believe it’s come to this after I’ve spent years running without shoe issues.

Newton KismetHere are the two options as I see them: Order the 2016 Asics in the smaller size and pray that they feel like the 2014’s. Or keep trying out different brands… starting with the Newton Kismet‘s. They felt great but I worry that their limited stability will not be sufficient, just like the Altra’s.

Have you tried the new Asics GT’s this year? Have you noticed any difference with the Asics GT’s in recent years?

UPDATE:  I think I figured out what happened with the Brooks (clue: user error). Click here to read more.

6 responses to “Stupid Run Shoe Problems!!

  1. Omg!!! So sorry yoy are dealing with this.

    I was looking at these yesterday to order but they would be delivered until after March and I need shoes now!!

    I ordered something else but I think I want these….but now I don’t know…..hmmm


    • Well that makes me feel better. I’m feeling like the princess and the pea here with all the things I complain about with my shoes but I’m not a picky shoe person! It’s seriously that they have changed certain things that I can’t just run through. Which ones are you running in now??


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