My Taper-Race-Taper-Race January

I am supposed to be tapering for Miami Half but I couldn’t stand it anymore! I had to run tonight! So even though I got home late-ish tonight, I jumped directly on my treadmill and cranked out a 4 mile run before I started my school work. And it felt so good to run again.

I wanted to run longer but I figured I should stop at 4, seeing as I just finished the Disney Marathon 10 days ago and have Miami in 4 days. It’s really hard to figure out how to run when you have a marathon and a half within a 2 week span. I suppose most good runners would keep running multiple days in between but I wasn’t starting this year in prime fitness. I’m still completely winging all of this.

But with two major races in a month, I feel like all I’ve been doing is tapering and then racing and then tapering and then racing. I just want to get back to my normal running! I want to start building mileage again! I want to have those 40 mile weeks again! I’m not marathon training, per se, in that I don’t have a marathon in the books. But I really want to keep up my fitness and improve on my running still. And I love how I feel when I log those 30+ mile weeks. Ideally I’d hit 40+ miles a week every week. It just feels so good!

I think I only realize how good it feels once it’s gone. I have been going stir crazy this week (4 cappuccinos a day might have something to do with that). I ran 5 miles on Friday and now 4 miles today. Come Sunday I think I’ll feel like I did at Disney for the marathon – happy that I’m actually RUNNING again after sitting around tapering for so long!

In other goings-on, I’ve been making my weekend Miami plans with my non-running friends. Had to remind them that I can’t exactly hang out the way everyone wants to, since I’ll be up at 3am for a race on Sunday. I’m pretty sure my friends are tired of my race-day restrictions on hanging out, but I suppose they’re also used to it by now. Is it any wonder I can’t convince these friends to start doing races with me? And I’m noticing a trend here too. All my old military buds are the ones who don’t want to run anymore. Is it because of all the times we were forced to run back in the day? (for the record, I never felt forced to run! I loved it! But I’m pretty sure I was the only one) I’m going to ask.

How many of your friends run? What do your non-running friends think about all your training and races?

6 responses to “My Taper-Race-Taper-Race January

  1. I’ve met all of my running friends on Instagram. We meet up at races, which make training runs really lonely. My friends in real life are like, “oh that’s nice.” But they don’t run. Tapering is nerve racking. But stick to the plan and your legs will thank you. Good luck. I can’t wait to hear about your race.


    • That’s great that you’ve met people who do races like you do! But I know what you mean about those lonely training runs. How nice would it be if even half of your friends were into distance running, right? It feels like people either like running or they don’t and if they don’t then they can’t be convinced otherwise.


  2. Most of my friends run or do some kind of fitness regimen, but not necessarily marathons. Maybe the occasional half. I’m glad to have met running-friends mostly through blogging and social media! I have to get my long run in before a 9 am bridal brunch in Dallas this weekend…why so early? Do they not realize some of us have some serious miles to cover? 😜


    • Same here. My friends are all into their own non-running fitness plans. And of course we can all find run groups in our areas but it’s not the same as having your best friends be into running with you. Selfishly I want all my friends to want to run 15 miles with me every weekend and run a marathon with me every year! They act like that’s asking a lot. Good luck fitting your run in this weekend! Sounds like you are going to have to get up waaaay before sunrise.


  3. Good luck this weekend!!! Can’t wait to hear about it! I am considering it for next year.

    I don’t have any friends that run like me. I have occasional runners but no one who is as focused…..obsessed as me-lol! As I type this my girls are planning a weekend to the Bay house and I am like; can’t hang too long -gotta a race in the morning’-lol!


    • Maybe your friends would race with you if it meant going to Miami?? I try to build up races and run-cations but it doesn’t work all that much. It’s hard when you tell people it’s going to cost their time and money, which they see as paying to run, which, ok, I see how that doesn’t sound too great on paper. 🙂


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