Waffles & Coca-Cola – Off-Season Has Begun!

It’s not quite off-season yet but, mentally, I’m already there by the pool with my waffles. I still have the Miami Half Marathon next weekend, but it’s almost impossible for me to be in a competitive or ambitious frame of mind after a marathon. Instead I’m in more of a lethargic, sloth frame of mind…

Sloth – a disinclination to action or labor

That pretty much says it all! I am disinclined to action!… Unless that action is getting up to find a Coke or a waffle.

And I’m not talking about the waffles I feed my kids, the organic vegan buckwheat homemade waffles. I’m talking about Eggo waffles my friends (see the “sloth” definition above). And no organic maple syrup. No no, I want the generic, synthetic, laboratory-made syrup this week. I mean, come on, I can’t mix Coca Cola with organic, fresh maple syrup taken directly off a tree in Vermont! I just ran a marathon!! This calls for a celebration of trash and decadence!! (and to the person in my house sitting across from me with the organic maple syrup giving me looks of disgust, please see the blue medal on the wall shaped like a mouse with the word “MARATHON” on it, tks)


Mainly I’m just lazy. Sure, I did the 5 miles on Friday because I felt I had to, but that’s going to be it until race day. Major workouts will not start until February.


I tell myself after every marathon that I have earned a week of being lazy. But then the marathon comes and goes and I end up being lazy for 2-4 weeks instead. I’m not physically tired (if you don’t count the FLU I finally caught from my family) but more mentally tired of giving a darn about every little thing that ties into running and racing (diet, mileage, sleep schedules, calories, hydration, etc etc). Right now I’m only interested in doing the least amount of thinking or work possible. Oven toaster waffles take 4 minutes by the way.

coke ad

this is me after a marathon… except I’m wearing plaid flannel pj bottoms, my fsu hoodie, and compression socks




Unfortunately, I will not have my normal 2-4 weeks paid leave in Slackersville this time because I’m supposed to be meeting with a lot of old friends in Miami this weekend and running the half marathon with one of them. Also unfortunate is that my friend is NOT a slacker, has never BEEN to Slackersville, and is wanting to run this race at a serious clip. I about choked when I heard my friend’s interpretation of a “just enjoying the race and the atmosphere” pace description. So, because my friend comes from Winnertown, today is my last day of fun and waffles…. until the second I cross the finish line in Miami next Sunday!

vintage coke ad


Ok, time to go… I’m pretty sure there is some chocolate that needs eating somewhere.

What is your favorite post-marathon food??

What is your biggest guilty pleasure activity after a race?


6 responses to “Waffles & Coca-Cola – Off-Season Has Begun!

  1. Oh coke I do love you. Finally finally got myself down to a day a week of coke. But every time I see a coke ad, I get a feeling of intense desire to have one. Oh way harder to quit than booze for me. Good luck next week!


    • I feel the same way with coke ads! I usually don’t watch TV unless I’m on the treadmill and it’s the last place I wanted to be reminded that I could be drinking a coke! And I know I talk about it a ton but I rarely drink coke. I think that’s why I blog about each and every time I do. 😉

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  2. I think your body may be onto something with its inclination towards slothfulness – I’ve read that it can take a while for the body to really bounce back post-marathon. Embrace the laziness and call it recovery, that’s my take!


    • I think it’s more my mind that’s taking a while to bounce back because my body feels ok. You know how intense marathon training is, overthinking every decision you make. It’s exhausting. But you never seem lazy after your marathons! Maybe when I become a stronger runner it won’t be as taxing on my head every time.


    • I haven’t had a burger in forever. Sounds great! Ha, well I drink the full sugar Coke, and now Coke Life (which is supposed to be healthier… in the way that 1 cigarette is healthier than 2 cigarettes). I feel bad talking about Coke all the time on here! But I swear I only have it once or twice a month now! I just think runners are entitled to a few more vices than other people because we’re already adding so much to our health, right??

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