Disney’s About To Get Real

Gotta admit, I’m sort of in denial about this race coming up. My better half keeps saying things like “… we can just get that in Orlando this weekend…” or “…well after the race on Sunday we can…” and I keep going “What??” As in I keep forgetting that I will be up in Orlando in 3 days and that I will be running a marathon in 4. I truly have a wonderful sense of mental self-preservation through denial when it comes to races.

The MOST I’ve done to prepare for the Disney Marathon is to obsessively check the weather every 4 hours. And that’s pretty much the least productive thing to do before a race because the weather changes so much. The weather reports I’ve read say that there won’t be rain and the weather will be between 65-75ish degrees. But somehow everyone else has been finding the weather reports calling for 50%+ chance of rain which, again, I refuse to believe (<— denial overfloweth). I mean, it can’t possibly rain on us this year when it rained on us the whole race last year, right?

As usual, I want it to be freezing cold for the marathon because I think that will help me. But this is what I always say pre-marathon and then I get there and it’s 55 degrees and I start cursing everything and everyone. If only I could get my hands on a Minnie Mouse beanie for the race or something. I’m going to look for one when I get in town, just in case.


Let’s see, what was that other issue about marathon weekend??… Oh yes, my family has the flu!!!! Really can’t believe this one. Guess all that traveling took its toll because we’re talking full on fever and chills here. I’m fine though. I feel great! (did I just jinx myself?) I’m slightly nervous that this will affect me in the next 48 hours. Let me just say that if I’m within Orlando city limits, I’m running this race! I don’t care if it hits me the night before or the morning of. I didn’t just drive a million miles up to Orlando for nuthin!!

And in other semi-related news, class started today for spring semester. Ugh. I hope nothing is due this weekend or on Monday because that’s really going to put a damper on my marathon weekend. The good news is that I have my professor-who-runs again. I always list that in his benefits column in case I have to call from a hospital in Orlando and explain why I’m missing class or assignments. Side note: my professor is a run champ! I once looked up this race in Tallahassee and saw the name of the overall 1st place and was like, wait a minute, that’s my professor!! Did some more digging and apparently this guy cleans up all over north Florida! I guess it’s not enough to be brilliant in his field but he goes and wins all these races too! pfft, overachiever. 😉  …. on second thought maybe he won’t understand why I’m laid up in a hospital post-race.


school  –  the biggest hurdle to my run goals



Lastly, I don’t have ANYTHING for this race. No race gels. No playlists. No new shoes (wearing my same pair that I’ve worn for 3 marathons now!). No nothing! I need to get on it!! And this expo is going to be me last minute shopping like mad!

Belle costume?

ready-made Belle costume from Oiselle!?


Can’t believe this is happening soon!! I’ve started having race nightmares already so, while I do want to live in the moment, I can’t wait to have medal in hand and be back home savoring a finish! **fingers crossed!!**

Well I seem to know a million people in the blogosphere who are running this so maybe I’ll run into some of you at some point on Saturday or Sunday!

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