2016 Running Has Started

Well, we’re 4 days into January and I’ve gotten one pretty good run in. Feeling accomplished! I didn’t do my long run this weekend because family obligations kept me so busy and I had to make a lot of choices about whether I would get a run in or whether my kids would experience something new and great. There are always so many sacrifices made for running but sometimes running IS what’s sacrificed!

At the start of the trail. It was so peaceful here.

At the start of the trail. It was so peaceful here.



I ran my first day back home…. on the treadmill, but it was fine. It’s actually so cold here now that it was a great treadmill run because I opened all the windows so it would be cold in the house too. I am convinced that cold weather running (which to me is anything under 70 degrees) is the best thing in the world!


I was NOT initially in the mood to get on the treadmill after running the trails in Tallahassee this past week though. Seeing dozens of distance runners heading into the woods to do their runs on the trails there had me beyond jealous. I can’t believe those people can run those amazing trails all the time. There were so many runners everywhere I looked in Tallahassee. And by that I mean that in a single day I would see more runners than I see down here in a month. Also, the runners I did see were younger than 65 years old – another thing I don’t see here. All I could think of was how many run groups I could join up there and how fun it would be to run with a big group of same-age people again like I used to do.

this path went over bridges and through trees

this path went over bridges and through trees and people were fishing off the side of the path













The weather up there was perfect for distance running too. Florida is such a long state that the north part of the state has similar winter temperatures and seasons to the mid-northeastern states. Whereas south Florida is basically the same all year round – some version of hot and humid (and buggy and rainy). There are exceptions of course, like today, where the weather gets to a very chilly 67 degrees! But then you feel pressured to drop everything and rearrange your whole life, call in to work, leave your kids without food, and basically do whatever you can to run during that ONE day when the weather is wonderful! Obviously that’s not realistic though, is it? Hence today’s treadmill.

Check out these trees!

                       Check out these trees!












Ok back to my run… I have no idea what I should be doing right now in my “let’s wing a marathon!” plan, so I did 9 miles. I definitely felt up to more but didn’t want to push it before the Disney Marathon this weekend. I think part of the reason I felt so good today was because I took a week off from double digit runs. I’m hoping if I rest my legs for the remainder of the week that I can handle Disney in a respectable manner (i.e. not crying in an aid tent – always my #1 marathon goal).

the most beautiful oak trees

         not so much running as beautiful oak tree sightseeing!










I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. I think I made a pre New Year resolution to not sign up for any more marathons for a while and to stop signing up for so many races. But how can I really implement that with 4 races in the queue, 3 of them within the next month alone! So that’s why I said forget it, no resolutions. I want to be a faster runner and I want to focus on making healthy choices (bye bye Coca Cola, bye bye brie and baguettes! *sniff*sniff*). Other than that, just keep on keepin on!

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve! What races are you all doing in 2016?? Anyone have some major New Year’s run resolutions?

7 responses to “2016 Running Has Started

    • I know I’m so weird about temperatures! It’s like below 65 and I’m freezing solid and above 85 and I’m annoyed I live here. haha. It’s all fine really! I’m just a complainer. 🙂

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  1. I guessed that you were going to run Disney! That will be so much fun. Tapering was definitely a good idea. 🙂 I’ve only been to Tallahassee once when I was much younger, but I don’t know that I appreciated how pretty it is! I’m a tall trees person too. When I moved to Georgia from Texas it took me about a year not to constantly gawk at the trees. Best of luck with your healthy eating resolution! Does having kids make that harder?


    • Ha! Yes I’m “running” Disney. I figure I need a good crash-and-burn story for my blog. 😉 And I love all the trees in the south! From New Orleans up to Savannah! So pretty! Are you from Texas? And no, having kids does not make it harder. My kids eat very healthy foods. So does my husband. I’m the only one eating trash! I wait until the kids are asleep and then eat reeses pieces and drink soda! (in my defense I’m studying when I do this… um, is that a defense?) It’s a work in progress resolution. 🙂

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  2. It’s not your first rodeo so I doubt you will crash and burn; I’m looking forward to the story though! I’m from Tennessee but I went to college & grad school in Texas and lived there for another 4 years. I have at least one friend from Texas who hates tall trees and buildings because they make her feel claustrophobic- she grew up in a place where she could see for miles! I love trees but I do see where she’s coming from.

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  3. Good for you for having the courage to wing a marathon! haha 🙂
    One of my resolutions is to do a race every other month. My first one is tomorrow, just a 10k though so shouldn’t be too bad.
    Good luck on your race!! I’m sure you’ll kick butt!


    • Thanks! I hope it’s more courageous than epically stupid! I like your resolutions. Maybe that’s the way to not be so nervous about races. Good luck tomorrow!


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