Best Run Present Ever!! – Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas!! Happy Hanukkah!! Happy It’s-Just-Friday!! To everyone out there, I hope you are having a great day and are doing something you love or being with someone you love today. Incidentally, I wish that for everyone on every day!

Now, normally when you have kids, the holiday stops being your day to sit around in pjs  and drink a ton of coffee and be lazy and turns into a day where you hope to buy the perfect toy for your kids and thereby buy the time to sit around in pjs and drink coffee and be lazy… at least for a few minutes. I think we did right by the kids this year (see some of their haul below) but I have to say that I claimed the BEST present this year…….


Merry Christmas to MEEEE!!

         Merry Christmas to MEEEE!!… the medal rack & race, not the toys – those are my kids’!










Yep, my better half surprised me with a race entry to the FIRST Star Wars Half Marathon at Disney World. And guess what else?! He’s running it with me! We’re running the Star Wars Dark Side half marathon together this April! I can’t believe it. I wanted to run it but I just didn’t think it would be possible. I always worry that my running/runcations/race weekends seems to take over days of leave from work, money, and are generally highly selfish of me when I’m already spending so much time/money/leave doing everything grad school right now. But my family is very gracious about my run life. And I know he’s been wanting to run a race with me for a while but I never thought it would happen or it would be this race! What a happy surprise!

Oh and I almost forgot about the medal rack! I was too distracted about the race entry but in equally great gifting I got this new medal rack!! It is seriously the most amazing medal rack I’ve ever seen! Check this out:

coolest medal hanger ever!

                        coolest medal hanger ever!










Yes, it’s a Star Wars medal hanger! Haha! I love it! It is from a company called Allied Medal Hangers, a family-run company in Redmond, Washington. I found this company a while back and thought their stuff was great but, as I mentioned above, I can’t just buy every wonderful run thing I see. But in comes my better half again to spoil the runner in me this holiday season! 🙂 This thing is SOLID. It is not cheaply made at all. It is custom cut and just one solid piece of medal. I love it!

I think our new family tradition will be doing ALL the Star Wars races here at Disney every year! I told my old military race buddy about it and we got into a debate over Disney giving Disneyland the good side and Disney World the bad side – or Rebel Alliance vs Dark Side. She’s from California and she’s… let’s say less than a fan of all things Florida, so she agrees that “Florida” and “bad” go together. I personally think that Florida should have gotten the Rebel Alliance with the good guys and California should have gotten the dark side… to go along with her dark heart!! Florida is The Sunshine State!!! I think that says it all.

What can I say? It’s been a great holiday! Above all I am happiest for my healthy family and love them more than anything! I’m also happy to have this day off with them. Extra special love to my Love for the wonderful present this year! Can’t wait to run with you!

P.S.  He also booked a hotel for Disney World Marathon so guess what? I’m running the marathon in 16 days! No pressure. Just 26 miles that I’m not prepared for. haha. But I’m going into it with nothing but love and happiness and positive thoughts! (channeling my inner hippy in 2016)

What great run stuff did you get this year?? Tell me all about it!

2 responses to “Best Run Present Ever!! – Christmas Edition

    • Thanks! And you should run a Disney race! I’m not a huge Disney fan or anything but I absolutely appreciate that they put on amazing races. It’s really nice to be able to count on that 100% when you can’t always count on your own body 100%.


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