About That Disney Race…

Yes, I’m going back and forth on running Disney Marathon. And even though that sentence sums everything up, I’m going to go on and on and on about it in this post so I can clear my head about it. Stop reading now if indecisive, whiny people annoy you! 🙂

I’m not sure if I can run the full marathon. I ran close to 13 miles on Saturday and it felt amazing and great… until the last mile. Maybe at that point it was a hydration thing though because it was just a cramp in my leg that went away and hasn’t hurt since. But 13 miles does not mean you can run 26. In fact, when I was thinking about it right then, asking myself how many more miles I could honestly do, my answer to myself was …. 5? I thought I was good for at least five more. Let’s see, 26 – 18 is what now? Yes, there are a troublesome 8 more miles to account for in this dilemma.

start line at Disney Marathon

                           start line at Disney Marathon










What if I walked it, or a portion of it, or gave myself a “walk out of jail free!” card? If I think I’m good for at least 15 miles, possibly 18 miles, and the race is open for 7 hours, couldn’t I just walk the rest if I had to? What would that do to me? “Oh yes, I love that medal too! It’s from when I WALKED the Disney Marathon in 2016. Yep, that was one tough walk!”  :/  So lame. How would I feel about that? But the story could also be that I ran 20 and ran-walked the last 6 and really pushed myself to do something very physical and intense and gave myself a really good workout that day instead of sitting around eating chips on the couch. Isn’t an 18-20 mile run (*ahem* followed by a brisk 6 mile walk, potentially) better than doing nothing?? Actually, I wouldn’t be doing nothing. I’d probably be running 16 miles on my own that weekend anyway…

Hotels aren’t cheap. I don’t live near Orlando so it’s a long drive and definitely a hotel stay. Possibly 2 nights hotel stay since it is such a long drive. Last year I got an amazing last minute deal the Monday before the race. But I was told over and over how rare that was. A fluke. I can’t count on booking the week before the marathon this year. I priced out hotels right now and the best I could come up with, via the RunDisney people giving me a much better deal than what’s shown online, is STILL 2x the rate I paid last year. That’s fine and all, if I knew I’d be running a good race. It’s not so fine if I’m worried that in the next 3 weeks of last minute mileage building that I’ll get injured. Then what? I’m out a lot of non-refundable money for nothing.

Disney Marathon shirt

Disney 2015 Marathon shirt

Disney Medal

Disney 2015 Medal



And now we’ll hear from the cheerleader in my head…




I’m good for 15. I’m good for 18. It won’t be pretty but neither was MY LAST MARATHON where I did everything by the book, mileage, days per week, and I got injured and had the worst marathon ever!!! My run partner and I were bitterly recounting stories of how we trained so hard for some marathons and then it went – blah. Then we didn’t really do a damn thing for another marathon and finished mere minutes (well, between 8-15 minutes for each of us) in those do-nothing marathons. It made us annoyed to think about. Like all that hard work just for an 8 minute improvement? I’d rather sit on my ass and NOT be on a treadmill at 10pm at night for days upon days during exam weeks and deal with that 8 minute hit on race day!!






The family loves Disney. They’ve already been mentioning (and by “they” I mean my better half) how it would be great if I could run the marathon. Ah. I see. I’ll just go drag myself through the Magic Kingdom so you all can go get a caramel apple shaped like Mickey Mouse. No problem. See you all at noon when I finish my 7 hour marathon!!… But seriously, why not, right? It’s not as hard of a morning as you’d imagine. You start the race at 530am when everyone else is still sleeping. They leisurely wake up hours later and make their way to the finish line where they steal your bananas and water see you get your medal and excitedly tell you all the food options we can now go get for lunch! It’s pretty nice actually, especially if you don’t pass out.

happy people

see? they’re not running the whole time either! they’re having fun and stopping for photo ops!







And it’s only the first week of school so nothing is due. Not like last marathon where I barely had time to take a post-race shower before I had to hit the books and finish up an assignment.

And lastly, that marathon medal this year looks sooooooo good. Let me tell you, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t even be having this conversation. If it was blah, I’d easily say forget it! But maybe it’s not just that. Maybe it’s because I know I didn’t take a lot of photos last time I was at Disney and I kind of regretted it. I was worried about finishing and freezing to death last year. This year, I absolutely will dress warmer. And without all these expectations I normally put on myself, I could very well see myself taking pictures during the race like ALL the other runners do! And hey, I ran it “too fast” last year to be there in the Animal Kingdom for when the roller coaster was open! This year, when I’m super slow, I bet I could ride the coaster during the race! How crazy would that be? That even might be my ONLY goal for the Disney Marathon! — Pace yourself to be in the Animal Kingdom for that mountain coaster thingy! That’s pretty once-in-a-lifetime if you ask me.

Disney Wine and Dine Half

Ok, there endeth my thoughts about doing this race. I wish I could run a few more long runs before I decided but I’m not sure I have that kind of time. Besides, what would a 14/15 miler this weekend tell me? Not much. On the other hand, we’ve got a ton of visitors coming for the remainder of the holiday and I could get the flu and then what?! … ok I’m wrapping this up now. You see what I mean (if you’ve continued reading this far). I’m really unsure as to what to do.

7 responses to “About That Disney Race…

  1. Wow! Lots to think about! I do get the dilemma of it all. It would be a great trip. But could you live with yourself with a crappy time. No answers here!


    • Ha, well I’m already able to live with myself from the disaster of Marine Corps Marathon. Thankfully, I rarely encounter people who ask what my time was when I say I’ve run such-and-such marathon. Bless them! Because I totally do not want to talk about it. :/

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know the feeling… Boston for me! But like you say, most people don’t even know what a good finish time is!


  2. You won’t enjoy the marathon unless you get a certain time, which you don’t think you will, so that seems a lot of money and time to spend doing something that you’re a) not going to enjoy and b) going to feel burdened by some sense of shame about.


    • Really interesting perspective there – “shame.” I want to say that that’s not how I feel and not accurate but… it kind of is. :/ I guess, if left unchecked, I’m hyper critical of my running. And that’s not what I want (new year’s resolution??). I like what you said on your site about letting the race just be a person having fun doing what they love to do – which for me is running. Thanks!


  3. It sounds to me like you’re having a tough time deciding because you can’t go wrong either way! If I were in your shoes, I’d try to figure out what my gut is telling me and go with that. It’s great that you have options!


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