10 Wonderful Miles… And 10 Moo Cows

Had a great run this morning! I almost cancelled on my run partner last night too but thought, no, why would I do that? I had a reason but it wasn’t a good reason. I’m glad I didn’t cancel because it was the best!

I haven’t been running with my old run team for a variety of reasons – one reason is I’m not training for a race right now (Yay!) but the biggest reason is that I’m not in a really predictable place right now. Between exams and work and family schedules, I just never know when I’ll be able to get out. Luckily I know someone else who used to run with the team who has the same schedule issues I have, so she and I will text up to the last minute about scheduling run plans. It also lets us go out early since we’re running in a pair and we’ve had to go out REALLY early at times to accommodate my schedule. But she’s always game for the early calls!

When we run together we run pretty far inland, as opposed to running near the ocean where I normally run. She thinks I’m compromising by coming inland but really I LOVE running inland because it’s a great change of scenery. This morning that not-in-Florida feel was in full effect when we stumbled onto this large herd of cows. Is that the term? Herd?

moo cows & their muscle

moo cows & their muscle










It was pretty surprising to turn a corner and see all these cows! The pictures make them look farther away but they were definitely closer. And we must have lingered too long, saying things like “Whoa, cows?! HEY COWS!! I can’t believe there are cows here!! Here kitty kitty kitty!!  quietly appreciating the moment, because eventually the one with big, sharp horns started turning and walking towards us and giving us a death stare. I told my partner, “Um, that’s a bull isn’t it? I think we need to get out of here. He’s not happy with us, messing with their feeding time and all” and we took off while I scolded myself on thinking a flimsy wire was adequately keeping him away from me. No, HE was keeping him away from me. Sorry Mr. Cow!

The rest of the run was great. The weather was really cool (low 70’s) and the air smelled great. I know that sounds weird but it smelled like fresh flowers and greenery. And there was a lot of shade at the end of the run so it felt cool the whole time. My partner ran a lot faster than me last year at Chicago than I did last year at Marine Corps, when we all trained together for our marathons. She’s fast. But she’s coming off a break so she is getting back into it. She stopped at 8 miles but I told her I was heading back out for another 2. The weather and whole run was going too well not to! But she asked me if I was adding mileage because I was going to end up doing Disney Marathon. The marathon?! Nooooo! No no no… I mean, most likely no… wait, do you think I could? Like, let’s say the farthest I run before January 10th is 16 miles…. do you think I could do it?….  










… What can I say? It’s not as hard a “no” as I would like to give right now. And after my last post, I had friends email and basically tell me that they didn’t believe me that I wouldn’t run it. These are those bad friends I keep telling you about. Anyway, it’s not for the marathon. I just felt like running 10 because I DO still have a couple half marathons in the books next month too! I’d like to actually finish a half fast this year for a change. The last half I ran was in Sarasota and I pretty much crawled through it. I’d love to redeem myself.




But back to today, it was so pretty out. It was quiet and peaceful and cool and everything wonderful about wintering in Florida. Not that it’s usually peaceful down here during season but if you get out early enough and know the right places to go, it’s the best!



Oh and I didn’t mention the ferocious bird/duck we saw on the run. It was huge and my run partner and I were both freaked out enough to stop dead in our tracks when we saw it. Ok, so we’re both a little jumpy about animals alright? She’s from New York I should probably say. Not that there are not bird-ducks in NY but I’m just saying neither of us grew up on farms in Iowa so we are apparently overly cautious with wildlife.

What’s the craziest animal you’ve seen on your run?

2 responses to “10 Wonderful Miles… And 10 Moo Cows

    • Thanks! Thailand wow! But the monkeys sound freaky. Yikes! Talk about distracting you from the pain of running. I could easily run 50 miles to get away from those monkeys. I think I’ll stick with my duck & cow route. 🙂


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