Not Running Disney

I said this last year too but this time I mean it. I’m not running the Disney World Marathon. I just don’t have it in me this year.

First off, I’m over marathons. I’m taking a 1 year break starting now. I don’t want to even think about a marathon until 2017. The Marine Corps Marathon broke me. I trained so hard and then race day was awful due to injury. It was also an awful weekend because I had so much school work to do that I barely slept, barely ate, ran the marathon, and then got really really sick once that whole weekend was done. NOT doing that again. It’s going to take me a while to forget how awful all of that was.

As a way of ensuring I don’t even think about running Disney (not that I need that because I’m pretty sure), I signed up for the Naples Half Marathon the week after Disney. There’s no way I’ll do both and I’m tired of missing Naples Half every year. I think I’ve signed up for it 2 times already. I reconnected with someone from my run team and we have this no-plans-plan thing going on. We meet up when we can and when we’re both free. Or in my case, I meet up when my injuries let me run. She wants to run Naples this year too so that’s our goal.

After that, as in the very next weekend, I run Miami with some more friends. Not sure how back-to-back halfs are going to work but I kind of don’t care anymore. I don’t think I’m in any position to PR in the half so it doesn’t really matter. I’d have to get around 8:00 flat per mile to PR in the half. HA! I ran 5 miles at 9:10 minutes per mile the other day and I was pretty much over it at the 5. No way I could even continue 9’s for 13 miles. But that will be my goal for 2016! I am going to sign up for halfs for the next year and hopefully that will be more manageable as I finish up grad school.

                          half the distance DOES seem like more fun!

Yes, I’m bummed about not running Disney. Yes, I think about casually run-walking it just to get the medal. It’s the best medal this year! Of course, the year I have entry and am not going to run it. And, yes, I only 60% believe myself that I will not run it. I wish I could be smart about this for a change. Last year when I ran Disney last-minute, well, it didn’t feel awful but my lips turned blue afterwards and I thought I’d pass out. But it’s hard to let it go when I know people walk it to see the characters and when I suspect I could do some leisurely pacing and probably finish.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Running has been going well but that’s because I have no expectations of myself. And “going well” does not mean a ton of mileage. Just basic mileage up to 8 miles tops. I don’t like the idea of starting my new year with quitting a race but I think it’s for the best.

Anyone else rethinking races you signed up for?


9 responses to “Not Running Disney

  1. I think rethinking and revaluating races makes sense. Sometimes it’s what we want to do but really might not be the best thing for us, our circumstances and our bodies. In October, I dropped 2 races from my schedule after really considering what it would do to my knee. It was a hard decision but in the end the right one for me.

    I plan on running Miami half in 2017 and maybe my 1st Disney half in 2018.


    • You’re right. I need to wipe it from my mind because it would be a bad idea for my body. Race signups are such pressure! Your race plans sound nicely spaced out! I think you’ll love all those races!

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  2. I agree with the no marathons thing. I think I’m not going to do any for a while either. The long runs are SOOO boring! Then I seem to lose speed with all that mileage. I may adopt your idea of halfs this year


    • Yes they are definitely boring, especially if you don’t have anyone to run with (and I usually don’t when I get past 13 miles). Plus it takes so much time during the week and on weekends. I do love it in a way but it’s been really hard during grad school. :/

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  3. I have only ever done one (it was miserable and followed a group training plan with a local run club that just didn’t work for me) and so I normally stick with halfs and love them and love training for them.

    I admit, however, I have been tempted to try another full but gah…the long runs….and such a high potential for injury and I am lacking a training partner for long run company…yet, I still want to try it.


    • That’s interesting you feel that way too. And I agree with halfs being much more enjoyable to train for! Run groups/clubs didn’t work for me either but I did find at least one good run partner from it and I run with her now sometimes. I forgot how much it helps those long runs! I guess even though run teams aren’t my favorite, I did run better on last year’s marathons training with them than this year’s when I trained solo. And yes, the marathons are tempting! I feel like an addict b/c when someone mentions one my first reaction is to shout “I’LL RUN IT WITH YOU!!!!” — which I think is a sign of mental illness.


      • I think I just had a bad group to train with who adhered to a training style that didn’t work for me. I’m hoping to experiment with a few run clubs in the spring, see if I can find a run mate.

        P.S. If you ever decide to try a marathon again, a few friends of mine and I are hoping to do Dopey 2018. lol (this is a clear mental illness test I think). hah!


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