Happy Rungiving & Turkey Trot Race!

Ok, so I didn’t actually RUN this Thanksgiving. I mainly have been writing a 10 page paper for class. And once this is done I have another paper to write. But I’m taking a little break here to wish everyone else a Happy Rungiving (aka Happy Thanksgiving!) and Happy Turkey Trot race!

I envy all of you who did Turkey Trots today. I really want to do one some day. My friend and I were talking about how Turkey Trots should be a mandatory 10k distance. That’s bare minimum for burning off Thanksgiving calories! We’re really big talkers for two people who did NOT do Turkey Trots today. And anyway, if you want to get technical, I’d have to run an ultra to burn off the calories I eat for Thanksgiving. Still, at least a 10k is taking the edge off, right?

I seem to never run on Thanksgiving for some reason. I run the day before and the day after but never the day of. It always seems that the actual day is just too busy for a run. I’m hoping that the combination of finishing grad school and my kids getting older will help me get to these races in the future. I can’t wait! I hear some of them give you pumpkin pie at the finish!

hand turkey

I will never get over the coolness of a hand turkey!

Well I hope you and your loved ones are having a great day today! I hope all you runners are able to get a run in this weekend too! To those of you who can’t be with loved ones, I’m hoping you are having as good a day as possible. I read an expression that said “If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy.” We can all count something! And those things are what make us truly thankful.

Have you ever run a Turkey Trot? Which one? Did any of you take your whole family out?

4 responses to “Happy Rungiving & Turkey Trot Race!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Gooble Gooble!

    I ran the Bethesda YMCA 10k-it was my first time running it. I usually had done a 5k but had a similar thought as you-might as well a 10k to burn off the food! Haha!

    I didn’t bring the family but will next year.


  2. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. No Turkey trot for me this year but I accomplished my first day of strength-streak that morning and finally ran on Saturday (after a month off). Maybe I will plan to run one next year.


    • Thanks! And congrats on getting your first run in after a break. Doesn’t it feel great when you get back out there? I love that strength-streak idea. That’s on my to-do list (strength training) for December. I took a month off and I feel back to square one.


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