Coldest Day Of The Year!! 63 Degrees!

Got up this morning and ran outside like it was Christmas morning! Only instead of Santa bringing presents it was wind bringing cold!! 63 degrees but with a “feels like 61!” That is straight up cold for around here! My kids got dressed this morning accordingly in winter beanies, long sleeves, wool jackets, and long pants. If they had snow boots they would have thrown those on too. Gotta love the perspective of Florida kids. 🙂 (They also asked if it might snow today… am I a bad parent for saying “MAYBE!!! ??)

running in my dreams

running in my dreams!







And they dress how I dress for my runs in this weather. Run experts say “dress for 10 degrees warmer”, but I dress for 10 degrees colder when these cooler days come up. It’s an elaborate running role playing where I pretend I live somewhere cold with snow and apple cider and pumpkin spice and a fireplace and where everywhere you go smells of cinnamon! Yes, the tourists ruin my fantasy by biking past me in swimsuits, smelling of sunblock, but to ME it’s a winter wonderland!

my reality

my reality – taken at beach yesterday after my long run

I looked at the forecast and it’s going to shoot back up to mid 80’s with lows of high 60’s (read: 70’s) but I’m still hopeful that they’re wrong! You just never know when these cold days are going to land at your door! Aren’t they saying it’s supposed to be a really cold winter everywhere this year? That would apply to us too, right?!

Hope everyone is having a fun first day of Thanksgiving week!! Hope you all get some great runs in this week along with all the food and festivities!

What is the temperature like where you live? Have you had to break out all your cold weather gear yet?

12 responses to “Coldest Day Of The Year!! 63 Degrees!

  1. I have had several runs in the teens this week. Brrr. But u don’t think I really could deal with 80 degree runs! I can’t even do that in the middle of summer, too miserable!


  2. So jealous as my morning temp this morning with windchilll was 18F!!!

    Had double cold gear, face mask and hat, gloves!!

    So not ready for this cold weather running yet!! Uugh!!

    Enjoy your potential snowstorn (lol!)


    • That sounds so cold!! Ok, you guys are giving me a dose of reality here haha! I guess it’s better in my imagination – snowflakes & reindeer! – than in actuality. Face masks?! I think if it’s time for face masks it’s time to skip a run! ha! J/k I’m still jealous of your weather!

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    • That’s a pretty big range isn’t it? So when the sun goes down it’s freezing? That would put the pressure on daylight running I bet. Definitely can see how it’s frustrating!


  3. Too cold in the morning – 40s and too hot in the afternoon – 80s! At least for today, but the temps be cooler later in the week. And haven’t gone back to running yet so I’ve been hanging out at the gym where it’s temp-controlled!

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    • I love the predictability of indoor running/working out for sure! But how nice to run in the 40’s and 50’s if you have the gear for it. Everyone seems to have these huge ranges in temperature. Down here the range is around 15-20 degrees.

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  4. How exciting! I love it when the seasons change. We just had our first day of dropping below freezing last night! I like running in the chilly weather, I’d say 40-60 is my favorite range of temperatures. I’m sure it will be in the 70s again before we know it!


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