Post-Marathon Recovery, Plans, & Runner’s World Pro Advice

Where has the week gone!?!

I don’t feel like I’ve recovered yet from the race but it’s not muscle soreness. It’s exhaustion. Luckily everywhere I turn is filled with Halloween candy and coffee….. clean eating starts Monday.

Marine Corps Marathon race shirt

Marine Corps Marathon race shirt








My foot with the plantar fasciitis feels fine though. I think those new 2015 Asics I bought were the root cause of the pf and put too much pressure on the low part of my arch. Sure, maybe I exacerbated the problem by upping my mileage simultaneous with the new shoe purchase. But after ditching the new Asics GT’s, quitting running for 2 weeks before the marathon, and stretching/icing/massaging my foot often, I really think this led to my marathon “success.”

After the marathon, when I got back to the Runner’s World area, Christine Fennessy put me in contact with Budd Coates (Runner’s World go-to expert on injuries) to discuss what to do from here on out with my plantar fascia problem. I still can’t believe I had access to all these people from Runner’s World to discuss my personal racing and injury issues. It really threw me. I was so flustered by it I don’t even know what I was saying. But Mr. Coates was talking to me like I was Shalane Flannagan’s workout partner! These guys are so incredibly nice and generous with their time, I cannot stress this enough. He listened to everything I told him and then told me that I should look online and buy the same pair of Asics that I wore for the race, the 2014’s, before they’re discontinued, since they work for me so well. He also said the little ball I was using to massage my foot was too small. Oops. But it was all I had at the time!

minion ball - aka wrong size for plantar fasciitis massage

minion ball – wrong size



I do still feel a bit of a twinge in my foot. But it is nothing like it was 2-3 weeks ago so it makes me want to get running NOW and pick up where I left off. I feel so fit right now, I really want to keep it up and improve upon it. But I may wait a little longer and ease into running again the next couple of weeks.


correct size ball

correct size ball

I wanted to run today but not sure it’s going to happen tonight. When your kids are babies you can coast through these holidays without doing anything. But then, out of nowhere, the next year they’re into it and all of a sudden you’re crafting scary spider cookies from scratch at night like it’s your job! And nobody in this house is up for hearing the ol’ “but I have to run…” bit right now after I was away for so long for the marathon and after everyone here is tired of all the sacrifice they have had to do for my marathon training. Families really have to be accommodating for all the training we have to do for marathons. It’s the least I can do to hunker down and get some spiders cranked out a few evenings, right? (p.s. my spiders look as bad as my marathon time)

As for future race plans… just saw the medal on Twitter the other day from RunDisney and, oh no… it looks really nice. I’m such a sucker for a nice medal. Already mentioned to a friend “Didn’t Disney say you only have to beat 7 hours for the marathon?? I can walk that right??” My friends have branded me a pathological liar with all the times I have said “This is it! No more marathons!” Whatever. They’re obviously not good friends. Good friends are sworn to believe and take seriously all your negative race affirmations, despite evidence and history to the contrary.

RunDisney 2016 medals

RunDisney 2016 medals










The thing is, I really want to RACE at Disney. Like knock it out of the park race it! There are slight hills (overpasses) and bevels (Florida roads) but maybe I could still do it. I actually ran faster at Disney this past January than I did at Marine Corps just now. And I hadn’t really kept up my training for Disney and wasn’t even trying for a time goal. Surely I could PR?? And this is how it goes… that marathon addiction cycle. I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed by this post in a matter of weeks when I realize my fitness or foot aren’t getting with the program. But I’m going to put it out there anyway.

How is everyone else feeling after Marine Corps? Anyone go out and sign up for another marathon already?

7 responses to “Post-Marathon Recovery, Plans, & Runner’s World Pro Advice

  1. Yes. I signed up for the Louisiana Maratjon on January 17th…😳 Clearly I didn’t hate running a full, and I’d like to see what I might be able to do when my back is feeling even better. So I’m heading to Tulsa (Nov 22) and Baton Rouge (Jan 17), and by completing these two, I’ll actually earn membership into the Marathon Maniacs. Crazy world we live in. Never thought is do one marathon…let alone 3!

    Oh, and then there is the Marathon du Medoc in September that I’ve also registered for…!


    • That’s a lot! But once you start running marathons it really doesn’t feel like a lot does it? I think it’s exciting to get into the Marathon Maniacs! And you’ve already booked for September? ha! I still think it’s great!


    • So funny! What friends don’t understand is that in those moments you are being completely honest and serious when you say never again! But I’m still surprised at how quickly the turnaround is from “never ever again!!” to “well… just this one!” 🙂 I’m glad you decided to do this next marathon! I know you’ll do great!

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  2. Hi there. Feeling great after the MCM and it was tough to restrain myself for even a week from getting back out and running again. Yes, I’ve already entered another race, although it was an opportunistic entry to a small, fast race in the WA countryside in July ( that sells out quite quickly. Still deciding about what and where to race before then, and have set my heart on doing St George again in the Fall. Glad to hear the foot is feeling better!


    • That’s great that you feel so good after the marathon! And I’ll go ahead and add you to the long list of people who have signed up for another race right after their marathon. 🙂 Hey, I completely understand! And I’m all for those small, fast races! I’m trying to find one here myself – anything that is flat!

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