Day Before Marine Corps Marathon

The good news, everyone, is that with every passing hour, this race is almost over. I just hope I finish it and have a medal to show for finishing (meaning I don’t end up in an aid tent).

Went to the expo this morning. Planned to get up early and get there early and finish there early and come back home and work on my project for school. And of course that doesn’t happen. We lingered around coffee in the morning. We spent a lot of time at the expo, mainly in the Brooks gear pay line (ugh).

I thought the expo was really great this year. Yes, we had to walk a mile from the metro and through the convention center. Or was it 2 miles? :/ I get really stingy with my energy expenditure when I’m in pre-race mode. Which is why it’s an unforgivable thing when, after we leave the convention center, you tell me “Come on! I want to show you something! It’s only 2 blocks away!” and it’s really not. But it’s fine… there’s nothing to be done but run the race tomorrow and deal with whatever your body throws at you. Including plantar fasciitis.

DC Chinatown

DC Chinatown








By this point it’s noon and I hadn’t had any breakfast. Been too nervous to eat but also didn’t think I’d be out that long today. Whoops. Came back and stuffed my face with everything I could find, but with a focus on some protein and white bread. My stomach hated me for it. See, my stomach just wants to not eat for 3 days because it’s tied in knots due to nerves. So everything I try to eat makes me feel sick. I’ve, unfortunately, dropped a lot of weight in the last week from this problem of being too nervous to eat. That’s why I’m trying to stuff food down because I will hit a wall tomorrow that I can’t climb out of if I don’t get some carbo loading going on here.

I’m kind of worried about the pf but I’m also pretty resigned to whatever happens. This is just the card I drew. You know what? I saw a veteran at the expo who had his leg blown off and was giving his kid a ride in his wheel chair. I saw a woman holding her race kit and her walking stick for the blind/visually impaired. And I have a bit of foot problem? Whatever man. It’s nothing. I know that. I think I can finish this race on it. It may take a lot of mental voodoo and manipulation but I think I got it.

Marine Corps Marathon Runner's World Challenge Booth

Marine Corps Marathon Runner’s World Challenge Booth










Oh and I didn’t go to the Runner’s World Challenge (or Runner’s World VIP) shakeout run or the strategy session in the afternoon. I suppose if I had thought about it, I would have planned going to the expo around the time of the strategy session. I was too busy thinking about getting back in time to do my paper. The people at the Runner’s World Challenge booth were really nice.

I didn’t get my school work done before I left to come up for the race. And I still haven’t gotten it done. I’m pretty busy thinking about how much I hate school work though, that’s why I can’t possibly spare time to actually DO said work. I have to get it done tonight because I will be mentally worthless tomorrow after the race. You know how it goes after you do those long distances. Well, for me, what happens is I forget what keys do or what my name is or where I live. My mind is as destroyed as my body. After my last 18 miler I went to the post office to mail a package and had to rewrite the packing slip with my address on it 9 times. I couldn’t work out how to write where I lived. And this is 8 more miles than that. Yeah, no paper will get done tomorrow. It has to be tonight. Fun.

Well all you MCM’ers, good luck tomorrow! Hope everyone does as well as they want to and hope everyone has a good time out there! This time tomorrow and we’ll be reveling in our personal victories and/or making those “never again!” promises that we marathoners love to make! For my part, I just hope I can come back here and have a good story, ANY story, so long as that story involves me getting to the finish line.

Good luck!!!

8 responses to “Day Before Marine Corps Marathon

  1. My friend, we’ll both be doing our best. I’ve heard this is a race to slow down & take it all in, and my injury has forced me to do just that. Wishing you the best as we line up to run with the Marines!! Oorah!

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    • I’ll be lining up at the 4:45 this year I think. In my RWB shirt. Not a reflection of when I’ll finish but seems a good place to stand! I’ll look out for your bow! Good luck to you too!

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