Race Nerves Have Rendered Me Useless

Race day nerves are at an all-time high. Pretty worried about my foot (plantar fasciitis). Trying to write 2 papers and work on a project for school before I leave for DC. Not gonna happen. (Thanks a lot Professor! Felt like running us into the ground the week before midterms did ya?) and I can’t read a damn thing on the page because my mind is at the start line in Arlington – freaking out.

Rolling my foot over a little ball that looks like a Despicable Me Minion while I non-read in-depth studies. I’m completely useless for studies. But this minion ball is working pretty well.

I’m all done packing for the most part. Playlist not great but I’ve got a few hours of ok songs on there. Packing three pairs of run shoes though because I’m nuts I can’t figure out if my shoes are partly to blame for my plantar fascia. I have suspicions but I feel like it’s all a huge gamble no matter what I decide. I keep running the dilemma past every person I meet or talk to… officially making me that person –  the marathoner who won’t shut up about their marathon and marathon issues. Somebody stop me! In my head I’m like “don’t say marathon, don’t say marathon, don’t say marathon…” and then I mention it to like 4 different people at my kids’ playground this weekend. Excellent. (“Yes it is windy out today… hope it’s not windy for my MARATHON!”; “Wow, your kid is so cute! I remember when my kid was cute like that… back when I ran my last MARATHON.“)

Ok it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t say those exact things! But I did mention the marathon at the playground to strangers and that was slightly crazy. Stop freaking out and stop talking about it to these innocent people! That’s what your blog is for! 😉

… and get your studying/writing/project done!!!

In other news… my kids have been showing me their sprinting skills every day to try and convince me to take them with me to the race. I have the best family. xoxo

6 responses to “Race Nerves Have Rendered Me Useless

  1. Haha – you crack me up! 😆. As for shoes, yes they can cause PF if they’re worn out or don’t fit you well. Very impressed you’re mostly packed – haven’t even started yet. I have a clingy 2 yr old so can’t do anything else but placate her needs.

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    • I think my newer shoes’ arch support pushes on my heel in a bad way. My foot doesn’t hurt as much in my older shoes. I think I’m going to have to wear my old shoes with 5,000 miles on them for the marathon just because they’re the sure thing. Good luck packing for everyone! I’m stressed just getting myself to DC. I can’t imagine hauling the little ones as well when my mind is race mush.


      • This may not work but just popped into my head – have you tried putting the older insoles into the newer shoes? It might cause less new-shoe irritation (I know the feeling) but give you more new-shoe support.


      • I didn’t think about that but my mom actually suggested that to me last night. But then we realized that there is a size difference between the two so the old ones would slide in the new, bigger shoes. I may still try that after the race but figure I have to try and change the least amount of variables as possible. Thank you for helping me brain storm this!


  2. Funny post! I’m STILL bringing up my marathon from this past April to strangers…. Did it today in fact!

    Hey, update on my pf, I bought the green super feet inserts on Sunday and my feet feel a 1000 times better!!


    • It’s awful! You cannot NOT talk about it! Marathon tourettes, that’s what it is. I’m gonna check out those inserts because I’ve got a crazy idea about using them in my Altras. I’m the mad scientist of run shoes and training ideas this year apparently.

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