Marine Corps Marathon Weather Report

Did I call it or did I call it? I said in that earlier post that no matter what the weather looks like or is predicted to be, it will ALWAYS be in the 70’s on race day or any day I show up in DC. I also said that the days before and after the race will be nice and cold and perfect but on race day no matter what it will be 70’s. And sure enough…

DC Weather

                                                   DC Weather Forecast

I’m having a crisis of what to wear. They say to dress for 10 degrees warmer than the day is supposed to be. So does that mean I dress for 80+ degrees since it’s supposed to be 70+ degrees? Where I live, the lows are still around 75 degrees. Theoretically it should feel normal to me. But that’s not true because of the wide range DC has. The lows on race morning are still supposed to be in the low 50’s.

Had an interesting… um… conversation with the spouse about my complaining stressing over the weather reports. Well, what was said was “Why are you wishing for it to be so cold when the other day you were wearing a hoodie inside the house and covered in a fleece blanket and it’s 78 degrees in here?!” …….. errr… it felt drafty?? Look, I don’t need those kind of observations in my life ok?!! I’m not running a marathon in my house am I?! I just wanted nice cool weather for the marathon to compensate for how awful I’m going to be running out there! Note to spouse: Please don’t argue with me about my insane, neurotic, paranoid, complaining, irrational, nonsensical race day commentary. I’m nervous!!!!

But seriously, I don’t know what to wear. If it’s 51 degrees when we start, that’s hypothermia to me. But then it goes up 20 degrees over the next few hours? Also, the big wild card is the rain. Funnily enough I’m not too worried about that. For one, last year it said the night before the race that there was a 50% chance of rain and it ended up being clear skies. Second, I’ve run a marathon in the rain before, at Disney in Orlando earlier this year, and it’s not as bad as you would think. It was kind of funny to me actually because we’re all there doing this really hard physical thing and it’s raining on us too! Everyone I talked to afterwards was laughing about it. And this is Florida in-your-face rain.

Oiselle race singlet

                           Oiselle race singlet

If I wear the Oiselle race singlet, it is like wearing air, or nothing. It’s sleeveless and barely there. I tried it on today with arm warmers and it wasn’t really adding a lot of warmth when your shoulders and core are exposed like that. So do I wear another short sleeve shirt and warmers instead? I don’t have any long sleeves to layer underneath the singlet and my short sleeves are all too loose to wear under the relatively fitted singlet. Look, I know this isn’t a big deal but I guess I’m obsessing about the things that are in my control at this point – unlike my actual race performance. I know it doesn’t truly matter. I could show up in a big ol’ hoodie with a pumpkin on it and it will be whatever it will be.

Anyone else stress about the race day minutiae too?


10 responses to “Marine Corps Marathon Weather Report

  1. @ the RnR Brooklyn-it was 50 at the start and I wore a sleeveless tank and capris to run in. I did wear a jacket to the race and bag checked it. It was a little chiily after so I was happy to have the jacket to warm up a bit.

    I have never used arm warmers but I think that could be a good option as you can roll them down if you get to warm…is that how they work?

    I think you will be fine and if the sun is shining that will be a bonus.


  2. Just the thought of rain on race day sends me into panic. I’ve never run a race in the rain before. And like you, becoming Elsa happens the second the temps dip below 70 it seems. I guess I’ll bring extra hand and foot warmers to make the pre-race time a little more comfy. I won’t repeat last year and show up in just my shirt and shorts and shoes. Throwaway clothes will be a must!

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    • No kidding! Last year I just showed up in a tee shirt! Everyone around me had throw away clothes and I was cursing my stupidity! A beanie will happen this time! Bare minimum. And that is the ONLY item of clothes I can manage to decide on.

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    • Yes, a friend just pointed out to me that freezing rain was different than Florida rain sooooo… thanks! Now I’m worried about the rain after all. ha! I’m leaning towards short sleeve shirt with arm warmers. I’m so glad I have no firm plans whatsoever. :/


  3. If it were me, singlet and arm warmers for sure! But I “run hot” and sweat like a man. 🙂

    If you’re worried about the tank being too light, you could layer a second tank under it. I’d be a little worried you would get warm, but it’s another option to consider.


    • Layering tanks huh? I like that it would cover my core more effectively. I’ll try it out with some of the things that I have. I tell you, I’m having to dig deep to not freak out about all the random things I’ll be doing on race day that I have never done in practice.


      • Don’t think of it as doing something you haven’t done in practice! Just think of it as using things you’ve used in practice in a slightly different way. I’ll be cheering you on this weekend! Do you have any tracking set up?


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