Injury Revealed – Plantar Fasciitis

I think I have plantar fasciitis.

We’ve all heard of it before but I didn’t really know what it was. It’s like cataracts. Do you really know what it is? Something with the eye right? Well I knew this was a foot injury. That’s all I knew. It wasn’t until MyRunExperiment commented on my post and asked if I had plantar fasciitis that I reluctantly looked up the symptoms (thank you MyRunExperiment!!). And, although I am not a doctor, it was pretty clear that that’s what I have. And now the last two weeks make a LOT more sense. 😦

plantar fasciitis

plantar fasciitis video from Runner’s World


Click on the picture or here to watch the video. I hate the video because it’s exactly what happened to me.


I was upset to go back and read my blog about my last 16 mile run because in rereading it I saw all the signs. Everything is clear in hindsight.

I was feeling ok by Thursday but decided to wait til Friday to try running again. Figured I could run a little 4 mile run and see how it felt. I didn’t even get to one mile. I stopped after 1/2 a mile, the same time it started hurting on my 14.5 mile run. But this time I wasn’t going to keep going.

Then I went and had a 3-hour internal panic session/pity party. Because how am I supposed to run a marathon with plantar fasciitis that hurts after 1/2 mile?!?!?! I calmed down enough to start doing more extensive research though. Here are the two causes of plantar fasciitis that I believe apply to me:

  • sudden increases in training mileage… I thought you only had to worry about long run increases, not total weekly mileage increases. I went from a couple of weeks of low 20 miles to a couple weeks of high 30 miles. Even though I made sure never to increase my long runs by greater than 10%, now I see that I was increasing total weekly miles too quickly.
  • not stretching your calves adequately… I stopped stretching anything a month ago when a stretch strained something in my leg and I freaked out. I figured, why risk hurting myself with a stretch? *sigh*

So there you have it. I did this to myself. I’m an idiot. I thought I was doing things better this year. I thought I had all the rules down pat. I thought I was doing well by getting those “real marathon runner” mileages in, at least on those weeks that school didn’t kick me in the face. Like I said, I built up all my long runs gradually and even said no to the 20 miler this year, opting to just do a faster paced 18. And then this happens.

plantar fasciitis

I didn’t know I was supposed to be doing these exercises in addition to everything else!




Then I went to the only plantar fasciitis expert I could get a hold of on a Friday night – my best friend and race buddy extraordinaire. She told me that she got plantar fasciitis right before she was supposed to run Big Sur Marathon. She had already bought tickets out to California and was running with a friend so she couldn’t back out. But she ran it and said it was extremely painful but she finished… and then she had to give up running for 3 months until she could run without pain again.

Ok, got to admit that all I heard in that convo was “...I finished Big Sur…” Because at this point I’ll take any hope I can get. I guess some people would pull out of a race with this going on. And if it was any other race, I probably would. But I had to figure out what my run/race priorities were and it’s the Marine Corps Marathon. If this takes me out of running for Disney Marathon 11 weeks after, then fine. Because I don’t even know if I’ll feel good by Disney anyway. Might as well try for the one I wanted more and then if I have to lay off running for months (please no) well, so be it. It’s only going to be the BEST TIME OF YEAR TO RUN DOWN HERE!!!!! No big deal. It’s only going to be the HOLIDAYS when I regularly eat 4,000 calories per day and need some kind of major physical activity to help me burn off all that eggnog and pumpkin pie. Oh well. Guess I’ll just munch on kale leaves and say no to Thanksgiving. :/

You know what? If I can even finish Marine Corps, I’ll be happy. I’ll be ecstatic! Even if I’m injured afterwards. I was already saying I was going to take next year off from marathons anyway. I just really really hope I finish. I’m worried. But I’m going to try and go into it slow and steady. No time plans whatsoever now. If I can get to 16 miles in decent shape, then maybe I will feel like I can probably finish the race. If I have pain early on, I’m going to really be sweating the race. I told my husband that if it got too severe that I would certainly drop out. But what I didn’t tell him was that “too severe” means that I’m flying home with crutches. That’s my baseline for jumping out of this race. I did however tell my father that if he suddenly finds that he’s no longer tracking me on his phone then to please search out the nearest bars at that mileage location in the city. Yep… that’s where I’ll be. Looking up sports injury doctors in VA/DC on my phone while I throw back pints. (dad thinks I’m so dramatic about these races every year…… seriously though dad, be ready to come pick me up)

"Nice Stretch" 90 w/ice

“Nice Stretch” 90 w/ice




Right now I’m icing it 3x a day, I bought a night boot to keep my foot stretched out, and I’m taking ibuprofen.




Has anyone run a marathon with plantar fasciitis? How did it go?? Were you able to run through the pain? I would love to hear every little detail so don’t be shy! Or if you’ve had plantar fasciitis at all, how long did it take to heal and what did you have to do?

20 responses to “Injury Revealed – Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Uuugh!!

    I am soooo sorry to hear this 😦

    I have not had plantar fasciitis but a couple of Mt teammates have. Ice, stretching and pain meds is what I remember them doing.

    I think if you don’t run until MCM and continue to ice and stretch, you might be OK (optimistic).

    Rest up!


    • That’s what I’m doing – ice, stretch, pain meds. I’m really hoping that maybe it’s a fluke that I caught early and that this is NOT my reality for the long term. 😦 Thanks for the optimism! Fingers crossed!

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      • I also just thought about a cortizone shot….maybe an option. It helps my knee….I feel no pain for at least 6 weeks-this allowed me to run Ragnar and RnR back to back weekends…..just a thought and suggestions.


      • I thought about that, although I don’t know much about it. I guess that might be my hard line though. If I need a shot to get through it then I guess I just wouldn’t run it. (I’m not big on shots eek!)

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      • I hear you …..and it is a big needle. How is it feeling today?

        I did a track workout this morning…temps were high 40s, I thought about you….a throw away long sleeve for Sunday would probably be needed.


      • Foot feels ok but sore. I’m going to pretend my injury doesn’t exist and go into the race like that. As far as temps… I’m ALSO pretending it won’t feel cold up in DC. *sigh* I’m going to buy a throw away beanie when I get there though.

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  2. I’ve had pf, and am currently working with another bout. I’ll tell you what worked for me, but it ain’t pretty, and I’m not a Dr. So, first, go buy some green super feet inserts….very helpful. Now here’s the ugly part. I just run through it. Yes it hurts, but for me the pain goes away (or I get used to it after a mile of mile and a half). My husband told me that some of the NBA players get pf, and just tough it out. I figured I’m at least as tough as an NBA player.

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    • Thanks for writing! I can work with that! I have illiotibial band problems and they say it’s just painful but you can still run. If plantar fasciitis is like that too then that I can completely deal with that on race day. I knew so many people talk about it and have it so that makes sense that a lot of you are just running with pain at times – which sucks of course!

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      • Sending good wishes your way…you can do it! I’m on my way in right now to the running store to buy some new super feet green inserts. I’ll keep you posted

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    • Ok you are totally making my day here. 🙂 That sounds like a plan! I have the fitness this time around, much better than last time, but was figuring it was all over because of this. But this not only makes me think I can finish it but that anything is possible. Not getting my hopes up TOO high but it all makes me feel a lot better. Thanks!

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  3. So sorry to hear this. I got the early signs of PF earlier in this training cycle. In addition to rolling my feet (on a golf ball bc that’s what I had) I also worked pretty hard on my tight calves – stretching, foam rolling and (my favorite) using my opposite heel to work into the tight spots. There are also some taping techniques that may help. My friend Jesica wrote about this, maybe you will find her post helpful:


    • I’ll definitely check it out! Yes I think I remember you writing about pf before? But it’s great that you were able to work through it. I’m hoping that with the next 6 days of not running and stretching a lot that I can get it to the point where I’ll get through the race. But the fact that you made it through your entire training too makes me really hopeful about Disney Marathon afterwards. I was already writing that off. Thanks!

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