You’re Never Too Old To Make Stupid Running Mistakes

There is something wrong with my ankle. And this isn’t that “phantom pain” I keep reading about with tapering. It’s true pain. I was fine all season and then yesterday I couldn’t even stand on my foot. This marathon is going to be REALLY interesting now.

I ran the 14 1/2 miles this past Sunday and it was like every other run… except…….. Ok I thought my heel felt funny. I thought my whole foot felt funny! Nevermind that I’ve been wearing the same pair of Asics all training cycle and they’ve been perfect. Nevermind that there are a million famous sayings like “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “don’t change something up the day of the marathon” (which could be applied for “the day of a long run”). Nope, I changed something big, 1 mile into my long run – my shoes.

combat boots

my first marathon I ran in combat boots and was fine! now I’m in Asics and all jacked up?!?

Go ahead and classify that “funny feeling” I had on my Sunday long run as crazy taper phantom pain – which subsequently led to REAL pain. :/

I grabbed this other pair of Asics I had on hand as spare shoes. These shoes are a long story. Suffice it to say I haven’t really run in these other Asics before. But for some reason on Sunday I decided that these untested Asics were what I should use for an entire long run right before my marathon. 48 hours later I couldn’t stand on my foot. Coincidence? I really hope not. If it’s the shoes, I can always go back. If it’s something else… I don’t know what I’m going to do.

It was stupid to change things up at this point. Everyone tells you not to change things on the day of the race but nobody reminds you not to change things up on the taper! I’ve had to wear my old Asics everywhere now. I can’t stand in my bare feet or other shoes at all. I wear my Asics all around the house and I’m taking a lot of motrin and crossing my fingers. I’ve had weird foot pains before but they usually went away after a day. This pain is still here. I’m also hoping that it’s not the sort of pain that affects my running, only my standing. Don’t worry, I realize how stupid that sounds. Desperate people come up with amazingly stupid theories.

Well there goes any significant runs I was going to do on the taper. Just gone in a flash. My left ankle hurts worse than my right but they are both hurting in that area at the heel and inner ankle. Really really really hoping it sorts itself out enough that I can still get a couple of easy short runs in before I leave next week. If it doesn’t, well I’m just going to convalesce and cross my fingers and lean heavily on my Tylenol race strategy plan – aka Plan D.

A refresher on my plans:

Plan A – Beat my marathon PR by a ginormous amount! – Woo hoo! Well done you! Aka The Not Gonna Happen Plan

Plan B – Beat my marathon PR by even one second – Hey, a PR is a PR!

Plan C – No PR but enjoy the race and feel pain-free throughout – A blessing at this point.

Plan D – Research the amount of Tylenol someone can safely take for pain while running a marathon, take those exact amounts when I hit the first aid station, hope for the best, and at least finish the damn race! – All’s well that ends well!

OHMYWHAT!! I just typed in “Marine Corps Marathon First Aid Tent” and my own FACE was the 2nd picture in the results!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!?! Hey I didn’t even end up in an aid tent last year!!! Sure, I may have done a drive-by Tylenol grab but who didn’t? Am I right??? … Guys?? … Race buddies?? …

screen grab

screen grab of search results! well I WAS in pain at that point in the race, but come on!

14 responses to “You’re Never Too Old To Make Stupid Running Mistakes

  1. So sorry to hear about your foot. I experienced something similar after a running a half earlier this year. I stayed off of it for about a week, and it felt a little better. Hopefully it’s nothing major and will heal itself soon! Such a pain though, I know. :/ I hope it’s gets better soon.


    • It felt better after a week off? As in good enough to run? I hope it is some random fluke or, like you said, a week long thing at most. Eek! So nervous. But thanks for the well wishes!


      • Yep, felt better after a week. Good enough to run, but I didn’t push it or try to run hard for another week after that. Fingers crossed you feel better soon! 🙂


  2. Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry to hear about this. A veteran marathon friend of mine said to me a week before my race that yhe training was over. It didn’t matter what I did that last week running wise, but that good nutrition and hydration was everything. Don’t be afraid to rest! You are going to cross that finish line!


    • It’s crazy right? Is this my bad karma for complaining this past week? I guess I’ll work on the hydration & nutrition then. Bye bye candy corn. 😦 Thanks for the encouragement!


      • No bad karma, just your body telling you to rest up for the big day. You are going to do so great. You’ve put in all the time, logged all the miles, spent evenings on the treadmill- you are going to kill it!


  3. Oh man, I’m so sorry about your foot! Just take it easy, give it time to heal and maybe do a few test runs closer to the race. You’ve already done all the work you need to at this point! You can still do awesome at the race – don’t worry about what you can’t control!! I hope you recover fast!


  4. The human body on a marathon taper is a logic-defying monster. I’m sorry it gave you that phantom pain that set you off course with your shoes. I’m rooting for you to heal up and crush this marathon!


    • Thanks. But the only crushing will be the ibuprofen into my coffee. Hoping beyond hope that resting will fix all of this. And I was counting on being able to run these last days to work out my nerves!!


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