12 Days Til Marine Corps Marathon

With 12 days left til Marine Corps Marathon, and after my LAST LONG RUN of training done, I’m feeling slightly better.

Ran 14.5 miles last night instead of the 16. All of it done on the treadmill pretty late at night. I really had to zone out to get this run started and to keep going every mile. Even with lame, distracting television, it only gets me through maybe 7 miles before I’m over it as well. Around 10pm, my foot/ankle began to hurt (due to sloppy lazy form? I’m slightly worried about it) and I quit a mile and a half short of my total. Last year I don’t even think I did the 12 mile run for this week, so I still kinda see this as an improvement.

Fitness-wise, I felt good. There’s the silver lining for the race maybe? I’m going to predict here that I can get to mile 8 and feel normal and then get to mile 13 and still feel ok. There’s half the race down that I think will be alright. Miles 13-17 are never fun for me for some reason. I have no idea what will happen after mile 18. I would love to have some deep, interesting idea to ponder that whole time to keep me from thinking about the pain, but my mind is blank lately. If only I had something to think about like – hmmm, should we really opt for the lump sum or should we just take the annual payments for our recent $350 million dollar lottery winnings?? That would probably hold me over nicely from miles 18 – 26.

MCM expo

                              2014 MCM expo












I’d like to get a couple more runs in this week. Then do the 8 next Sunday. Then I probably won’t do much the last week. I’m not sure yet. But when have any of my run plans worked out the way I thought they would? I think from here on out I’m going to be even more fly by the seat of my pants than usual. I guess I feel like all the fitness is either there or not there by this point.

Oh and can I make a weather wish for race Sunday?!! Ok, last I checked it was supposed to be a low of 36 and high of 56 this coming Sunday. I’d be fine with that for race Sunday too!! I realize that will make me freeze, but I also see the benefit of colder weather on marathon performance and I’m all for it! The colder the better!! Every time I go to DC there is some kind of heat wave going on! It doesn’t matter if it was snowing the day before I arrived and snows the day after I leave. The actual days I’m there it’s always 75+ degrees no matter what time of year! Sure, I don’t really have any clothes for cold weather but I’ll figure it out! I’m telling you, I want ARCTIC BLAST all over DC on October 25th!!! ***wishing so hard right now!!!***

Here’s the race day prediction so we’ll see what really ends up happening! So far I’m not happy with that 63. That 63 always turns into 73.

race day weather

                                           race day weather








6 responses to “12 Days Til Marine Corps Marathon

  1. Good luck!!! I say rest up that last week and go get ’em on fresh legs! I’m always so impressed when I read your posts. You do so much late night running on the treadmill, which is WAY HARDER than waking up a 5am to go run 16 miles with a friend. You should get a medal just for that!


    • Thank you! Really nice of you to say. I usually think of late-night running as slacker running and early running as the awesome gold star running! Just have to wait a bit longer until the schedule calms down a bit and I can be a morning runner too (?). Much harder to find a friend who wants to run at 5am though!


  2. I agree about miles 13-17; in my vast (lol) marathoning experience, those were the worst miles until 24 or so. Here’s the deal though: I think you have this amazing reserve of mental strength from all your late night treadmill runs. Who can do that? You got the miles in AND you did it in a place where you could have quit at any moment. But you didn’t! That takes a lot of drive and focus. So I might suggest that you come up with some sort of mantra for those awful middle miles to remind yourself of how tough you are!


    • THANKS!!! I don’t feel tough at all. Told my folks tonight that my chance of ending up in a med tent was high. I’m in full on neurotic-panic-doubt mode big time! I’ll work on that mantra.


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