This Doesn’t Feel Like Tapering

4 miles last night…

11 miles intervals today…

Optional 3 miles tomorrow…

4 on Friday…

16 on Sunday…

Soooooo… this is tapering is it? Funny how “tapering” has changed. I haven’t been great in recent years when it came to doing all my training runs. Lots of reasons. Last year, when it said to taper for the marathon, I don’t remember exact numbers but I think I basically stopped running. That means that for 3 weeks after my last long run, I did nothing. Maybe a few miles here and there. But this taper I’m going according to the Runner’s World VIP Challenge training schedule and it says to not only keep up the many miles of intervals and daily runs but to tack on a 16 miler this weekend too! I’m exhausted and this isn’t the 3 week vacation I was expecting.

School last week slaughtered me. I was so brain dead I have huge chunks missing from my memory over those days. It may as well have been 4 years ago for what I remember of it. Now I’m here looking at my week of running like, what the….? And I can tell you right now that intervals will not happen tonight. I’ve got so much school work to do tonight, of course only starting after I finish the ol’ day job. Did I mention I’m drinking coffee again? I wouldn’t even say “drinking it again” so much as coffee is now the entire bottom row of my personal food pyramid. I hate the jittery effect of coffee but I’ll do anything at this point to get through the next 3 weeks of this awesome school-taper combo!

candy corn

tapering run fuel = coffee & candy corn

I’m glad to be running the 16 this weekend though because I can use all the long run practice I can get. What I mean is I’m glad for the theory behind that. When it comes time to run, I may be slumped over my treadmill hating everything to do with running. But at this point I’m getting worried about my ability to actually run the marathon, all 26 miles of it, so I can appreciate what the workouts stand for.

In the last couple weeks I’ve gone back and forth between regretting signing up for marathons this year to being proud of myself and my current level of fitness and wanting to continue the 35-40 mile week thing forever! But today I’m just wishing this damn marathon was over with. And I worry that I’ll completely stop running the second it’s all over. After all, the DAY of the Marine Corps Marathon is the day our professors send out exams! We’re in exam week starting that very day! There’s not a lot of basking in the glory of a completed race when you’re now entering hellish midterm exams.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First… the taper. Just feels like any other week of running. It only seems to get easier that last week before the marathon when it drops to 2-3 runs before I fly up to DC. And I won’t be able to just enjoy a week of not really running because I’ll be in major study mode and worrying about the upcoming race. Alright, this isn’t the most positive of posts. I’m just tired from school and running so much. Even though it’s not the mileage I feel I should be doing, it’s a lot more mileage per week than I’m used to. Which technically means I’m doing better this year than ever before! That’s some positive news right?? 🙂

What is everyone else doing for taper? Do you still feel like you’re running A LOT for a tapering period? What are you looking forward to doing AFTER your marathon?

2 responses to “This Doesn’t Feel Like Tapering

  1. Omg, I’m doing the Runnets World Challenge for Maine Corps Marathon, but I didn’t follow their plans. (I’m with Hal Higdon). So yes, I’m doing a proper taper. In fact, I think the Runners World plans have mistakes because I signed up for the 4:15 plan, and it had my race pace listed at around 8:00/mile! Umm, that pace will more than get me a BQ, when I reality, I’m only trying to finish!


    • I tried to follow their plan but it proved too difficult this season with school and kids and work. :/ I liked the plan though! I hope to use it again to run Disney Marathon in January. I just want to finish, no time goals anymore. I guess I’ll see you at the RWC functions! I’m not doing the shakeout run but I figure I’ll go to the race strategy meeting – while secretly thinking, ok, all I need to know is what miles the Tylenol is offered.


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