What Are You Wearing On Race Day??!!

Instead of freaking out about how many days are left til the marathon, how ’bout we freak out about what we’re wearing for the marathon! Come on everyone, let’s talk clothes!! Unlike pace times and weather and body aches, we can control clothes!

I just got my race singlet from Oiselle for the Oiselle Volee team! I’ve been wanting this singlet ever since I heard about Oiselle and saw their runners and their clothes. It’s so pretty! I love the teal color and I’m obsessed with stripes. I was worried it wouldn’t fit me well or it would be too big or too small but it’s perfect! And then I just bought a new pair of capris to wear for the race because my other ones are old and worn out and because I assume it’s going to be cold again for Marine Corps Marathon. I picked the Aero Capris from Oiselle because, ok, they match the Tracker Jacket I just bought too.

Oiselle race singlet

Oiselle race singlet







I told myself I was not going to buy any of this stuff since, did I really need it? Ahhh, but “need” is such an interesting concept. First of all, I live in south Florida so there’s barely any occasion to need a run jacket. And yet every single race I run has me freezing my arse off in 50 degree weather! (35 degrees colder than I’m used to in a Florida winter) It would be great to have, and check, a jacket at the start for a change. It would also be nice not to be wearing a bag over my body after the race like I did for hours after Marine Corps last year. All race pictures of me and my race buddy were taken in a white sack! Not exactly the memento I wanted from race weekend. And the last run jacket I bought was in 2006 and it didn’t keep me warm or have secure pockets for anything. I was just freezing and in a pinch and went out and bought it on my way to an outside long run. I think after almost 10 years now I can rationalize a new run jacket purchase.

Oiselle Aero Capris

Oiselle Aero Capris

Oiselle Tracker Jacket

Oiselle Tracker Jacket










Ok, so I haven’t received the Aero Capris yet but those are what I’m thinking about wearing for MCM, along with the Oiselle singlet. More about that singlet… it fits great and it’s sooooo lightweight which is awesome for Florida and all, but all I can think about is how I will FREEZE in DC no matter what race day temp is! I see other Oiselle Volee people layering a long sleeve underneath though. And it does warm up very quickly (or is it that I take so long to run the marathon that by then it’s the heat of the day?), so maybe just a pair of arm warmers is all I need? Also, I am going to be in the warm Runner’s World VIP tent this year so I’m not as freaked as I would be about how thin the singlet is. I think it will be fine. The only issue is if it’s somehow going to be blazing hot on race day. Would I still wear the capris? What would I wear instead? My choices are the Long Roga Short, the Stride Shorts, or the Long Flyte Short. I love the Long Roga shorts but I’ve never run more than 8 or 9 miles in them. Maybe that’s enough to tell but I don’t know. Decisions decisions!! I love the fit of all my Oiselle stuff so it’s not so much about comfort choices as it is about looks at this point! Oh and lastly, I’m wearing the Verra Bra. It’s the best one imo! I’m going to write about that later but if you have a race coming up and don’t have time to experiment, just quick order the Verra Bra!

Have you all decided on your race day gear yet?? What are you wearing for your marathon and why?? Is it just about comfort or do looks play a lot?

10 responses to “What Are You Wearing On Race Day??!!

  1. I know that after last year, I will definitely be bringing something to wear pre-race. I FROZE without extra layers, and I FRIED after mile 20 (silly sunshine without extra clouds). It’s so difficult to judge what the weather is going to do.


  2. Those Aero capris are gorgeous! I vote you wear those if the weather will be right for you to go with capris!

    I’m a proponent of arm warmers for a long race when it may get warm at the end. I’ve never had any oiselle arm warmers but my Asics and Brooks ones are really nice, affordable, and wick sweat well! You could also get a pair of cheap throwaway gloves – Sierra trading post usually has them, and within a week or two you can usually get a sale of an extra 35% off at least if you sign up for their emails.


    • I hope the Aero’s work! And I have Brooks arm warmers too! I bought them at the MCM expo last year and it was the first time I had ever tried them (“never try anything new on race day” ha!). I loved them! But I also was wearing a pack to stash them in. Do you throw away your arm warmers too? I want to wear them but then I think, wait, they were $20 so if I toss them that’s $10 per marathon? I guess that’s about as much as a pint of beer in Penn Quarter but still. :/


      • I haven’t needed to toss mine yet, but I’d gladly spend $20 to be comfortable while running for 4+/- hours, so maybe think of it that way? I’ve also just pushed them down to my wrists on a long run and that wasn’t bad at all. They gave me something to wipe sweat off my brow (I’m a heavy sweater though).


      • Yes, you’re right. Totally worth it. I thought I might have to toss my warmers last time and I didn’t care because I needed them so badly! That’s a good idea of just wearing them around the wrists. Something tells me I’m not going to be sharing my race pics this year with all the random things I’m going to be trying. 😉

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  3. Great choice in outfit! I just can’t imagine that it’ll be hot. My vote is the arm warmers and when you take them off, just tie them in a knot to the side of your fuel belt so you can keep them for the rest of the race and beyond. That’s what I’ve done and it’s worked out well. Good luck!!!


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