Monday Morning 18 Miler

This is procrastination at its best folks. Let it not be said that anyone can out procrastinate me!!!! Also, I may be in the running for the Most Aversion To Running 18 Miles award.

What can I say about Sunday? I really meant to run 18 miles that morning. Truly. But I didn’t. The problems started Saturday. I was so nervous about running the 18 miles on Sunday that I didn’t eat all day. I tried. But I get really monk-like the day before a long run. I lose my appetite. I sit around. I’m basically hibernating for the big day. I let myself get talked into taking the kids to the pool Saturday evening but then find that it’s closed. I didn’t even want to go but the pool seemed safe. Now they’re talking beach. Less safe. More can go wrong. But even with my misgivings I go. And then I get stung by a jellyfish while in the water. Better me than my kids but I was pissed because of course this is why I don’t do weird random stuff before my long run days! Certain people thought it was paranoid behavior before, until those persons witnessed me getting stung by a jellyfish hours before I was supposed to run. Anyway…

After I spent the evening soaking my leg in vinegar (so much fun), and enjoying the lingering sting, I tried to get to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep. I was still nervous. It’s the same as on the night before the marathon (minus jellyfish sting). I never sleep.

When I woke up, I thought 2 cappuccinos with lots of sugar would propel me into my run. Last year, for a long run like this, I would have taken off out the door right when I saw the sky get light, before coffee, and also hopefully before my kids saw me. I should have known the run was doomed when I said yes to my husband’s offer of a cappuccino (and a second) and my kids’ offers of HUGS!! After all, which is better? Cappuccinos & hugs or an 18 mile run?!







The morning started ticking by. I wasn’t motivated. I was tired and I was hungry. I couldn’t remember the last time I ate. But I needed to run before the sun got high – this is still south Florida in the summertime after all. I didn’t eat breakfast because, in my mind, I was just about to head out the door for my run!… until I didn’t. I sat there not wanting to do it. Hours and hours went by like this.

Plan B

I’ll do the 18 on the treadmill! Sure, I’ll eat something now and then run in 3 hours! No problem. I can still do this. I didn’t want to do it on the treadmill but oh well. It can’t be that bad. I can take breaks and shake off the run a bit here and there but it will be fine…. until it wasn’t.

I ate pasta for breakfast (yuck). I sat around. I still wasn’t getting motivated. In fact, I was getting less motivated and more annoyed at what this run was doing to my day. Plus we had promised to take the kids to back to the pool after my morning run, only I still hadn’t done that run. Young kids don’t understand things like “We’ll go after mommy’s 18 mile run, ok?” Ended up taking them to the pool right then. I could always run later that afternoon or even that evening, right?

Turns out – no. We went to do errands around town. We ate cupcakes. We had a good day. It was especially good because I wasn’t running! It was great because it was with my family! But it was also horrible because I wasn’t doing a very important run. Hey, at least I was at least carbo loading! And that takes me to …

Plan C

I never really thought it was an option to wake up early on Monday and run 18 miles. Although, after spending this season doing long runs at 11pm at night, I realized that anything was possible. And last year, for my 18 miler, something came up that weekend too and I ended up doing my 18 miler on a Tuesday night in the rain! So I ran on Monday morning. I felt good mentally and physically and I did it. Why couldn’t I have done that Sunday? But with all the eating and relaxing I did on Sunday, it made my Monday morning run pretty damn good. And yes, I did it all on my treadmill and before any breakfast. It wasn’t until 2 hours in that I was feeling like I needed to take on fuel. I ran into the kitchen and downed a whole Coke Life (mini glass bottle! not a huge one!) and it was amazing! The right amount of sugar and caffeine and I was ready to go again. Also, my husband had a huge part in making this possible. He again took care of the kids so I could just focus on my run that morning.


cupcake carbo-loading!!







The 18 miles itself happened like I imagined it would. Not bad or painful until around mile 14? Had to negotiate myself to mile 16 and then again to mile 18. By 18 I had some significant pains. I’m hoping my body keeps getting stronger so that I don’t have those pains on race day. And, of course, I vowed during the run to drop another 10 lbs before race day (I always vow to drop weight when I’m in the middle of a long run). I had visions of how much easier the run would feel if I was as light as possible. I hope to make that my focus but I tell ya, running makes you hungry! Even today, a whole day later, I’m kind of obsessing about eating. I’d be lying if I said ice cream didn’t cross my mind, and I don’t even like ice cream! Distance running really messes with your appetite.

Hope you all did well on your long runs this weekend! Hang in there!! Only a month left MCM runners! Hey by 18 miles we will have already left the Capital building in our dust! We will be headed towards Crystal City, which is basically the start of our numb glide to Iwo Jima. We can do this!


not usually one for inspirational quotes but this sums up my race day plan

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