Happy Runner!!

Last night I was on fire! The last mile of my 8 mile intervals I actually wanted to yell “YESSS!!!” into the air and whoop and hollar… only I couldn’t because it was almost 10pm and my kids were asleep. Another late night treadmill run after hours of school stuff but a GOOD ONE!

And it’s funny how just because I was happy with it doesn’t mean the whole run was this successful thing necessarily. In fact, I had such trouble getting started because my treadmill streaming kept catching and I had to stop 4x to fix it and reboot the wifi. Then I felt something in my shoe… or was it my sock… and I stopped at least 5x to try and figure that out! So the first mile and a half were nuts with that. Any other time I would have said,  “forget it! I’m over this!” but not last night!! I was on a roll!

I’m doing hill work at race pace instead of intervals now but still, it was hard and it was no joke. I worry about doing hills because, if I pull something, who knows how long I’d have to take off. But last night it went well, with at least 2 miles of full hills and the remainder at race pace. All that’s left is a 6 mile and 18 mile run and I’ll have 40 miles for the week! Just the thought of that is making me so happy! I keep telling my husband that I haven’t run that kind of mileage since high school cross country! Poor guy, he has to pretend to be excited by this a dozen times a day when I retell him the same story.

DC Armory

         DC Armory – 5 weeks til I’m there!








And the eating is even coming together! That’s nothing short of a miracle. A switch just flipped. I think it’s something to do with ONLY 5 WEEKS LEFT TIL MARATHON!! My brain is like, ok, play time’s over. Put the cinnamon english muffins and cappuccinos down! Those things aren’t bad of course, but the quantity that I was eating was bad. Pretty much imagine someone leap frogging cappuccino-muffin-cappuccino-muffin-


I’m not quite this obsessed… yet

cappuccino all day long and you will have an idea of what I was doing, sometimes on top of regular meals (don’t forget to add a ton of sugar to both btw). Now I’m back to the quinoa, vegetables, seafood, dairy-free lifestyle. And, of course, there is still Kombucha. I love it after a run because it’s fizzy (keeps me away from Coke). Sure, I miss those early morning muffin-cappuccino dates with the husband before our day starts 😦 but this is only temporary! After the marathon I’m going to treat myself to a week of the good stuff!

All it took was getting some sleep again, getting my stupid school work done/managed, cleaning up the diet, and getting a grip on my running and now I feel amazing!! Obviously that’s all easier said than done but when it comes together it’s GOLDEN! And in my case it comes together when my husband can help with the kids so I can run or sleep in an extra hour. It makes a world of difference. I really think this is what we runners live for – those moments of it all coming together and feeling amazing! I wish I had more control over making this happen, but right now I’m just going to float with this happiness for a while. This has also calmed me down a lot for Sunday’s 18 miler.

What are you all running this weekend? Anyone doing their 18 miler this weekend for Marine Corps? Do you have a favorite 18 mile route?

10 responses to “Happy Runner!!

  1. Glad you had a great run! I am having troubles getting my mind around the 12 miles I need to run this weekend, 18 would just hurt. I have a weird mental block with 12 for some reason. And I’m still scared to try kombucha. 🙂


    • Thanks! It’s so rare that it’s noteworthy ha! 12 mile runs are always hard for me too at the end of training. I skipped my last one. It’s like they’re jinxed. If you get the right kombucha it tastes good! But the wrong one might make you gag. I like the “Synergy” ones.

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  2. I did 17.5 last week, doing 19 this week. Also doing the MCM and I’m counting down the long runs at this point. I’m managing a disgruntled hip issue and I’m just trying to nurse it until the Marathon. Good luck on the 18 miles!


    • Thanks! Wow that’s great mileage before Marine Corps! I wish I was up that far but I’m just hoping for a less-than-painful 18 miler. I hope your hip stays in line at least until the taper! Then it’s smooth sailing to Oct 25 right?


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