Numbers Numbers Numbers

Is it normal to be obsessed with numbers as a runner? I feel like all I see are numbers. Number of days til week ends. Number of runs I need to do per week. Number of miles per week. Number of miles greater or less than last week. Pace numbers. Weight numbers. Number of minutes in playlist. Number of minutes of show on treadmill. Number of races I have this year. Number of races I could still add to calendar. Number of races I regret signing up for…

My favorite number of the week is the ratio between the number of hours I need to give to school versus the number of hours I need to give to marathon training. It’s not shaping up well. And for more fun numbers… I was up til 230am doing school work and then my kids woke up at 415am. Let’s see… 415 minus 230 is…. 3 cups of coffee before 7am!! TAH DAHHH!!! Actually we got them to go back to bed for a wee bit of time but it was basically over at that point. I heard something once about sleep being really important to marathon training. I think I misread that. I think it said coffee was really important to marathon training!

And I wanted to do so well at Marine Corps this year. Fly fly away PR dream. Whadaya gonna do. If we all achieved our dreams right off the bat, then what? Pretty boring to be that perfect right?

You know what’s not boring? Being jacked on 3 cappuccinos! Fun times today. And yet I feel surprisingly ok. Did my late night 8pm treadmill run. Now settling in for more school work. Hey, if all the work gets done and I can collect decent mileage by midnight Sunday, this will be a victory week!

coffe days

how many cups of coffee do you see in this picture? if you answered “not enough” then you are correct!



2 responses to “Numbers Numbers Numbers

  1. Yes! Numbers overload!

    I finally went back to the gym for strength training last night and I basically could not count reps or sets. It was too much counting for my brain that’s already stuffed to the brim with numbers.

    I gotta say, I am loving your sense of humor about coffee and sleep. I laughed audibly when reading your post. And think of all the people (cough, I am one) who are so grouchy when they don’t sleep as much as they like!


  2. Ha thanks! I’m afraid I write way too much about coffee and school at the moment. Very scant on running on my running blog lately. :/ But it’s only because it affects my running so much!


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