First Outside Long-Run Of The Summer – DONE!

Yes, I’ve been hiding out on the treadmill all summer long. I don’t feel bad about that. I love my treadmill and I don’t love rain and alligators and humidity. But today I forced myself outside because I have to start getting a feel for the pavement and run in race conditions since we only have 3 long runs left before Marine Corps! (after today only 2!)

I’m trying to be more positive when I talk about marathon training, but if I wasn’t being positive, I would make a list of all the awful things that come with marathon training and at the top of that list would be the blaring 5am alarm on a Sunday morning! My kids, who have been sick the past 2 days and awake all night long, actually slept through the night last night. I was so thankful because I could actually go into my long run rested instead of my 3rd day of not sleeping. But come on, look how marathon training makes you think! You’re thankful that you got to get up feeling “rested” even though the sun isn’t up and it’s a NON-work day and you have to run 16 miles when you could still be sleeping! See how marathon training messes with your head?


how can anything outside compete with these tv & movie apps?!

Ok, but I was grateful to get sleep and to be able to run 16 miles. And there was even a good turnout at run team today too. It has been hit or miss lately. Most of the group is training for late marathons though so nobody has been on mileage with me. However, there were two people who said they’d do 16. Uh oh. Two people who are way faster pace than I am. And I hadn’t run outside for for a long run all summer long! I’ll cut to the end and tell you that they DID push the pace and, even though the weather was quite good for this time of year and for south Florida, it was still way hotter than my treadmill inside my house! And let’s not forget all the hills out there. Ok, I know south Florida is flat, but there are still inclines on the roads and a few well placed bridges. And, because of my new pacers, I was doing my long run at a minute faster than my regular weekday pace. I hurt. It has taken me hours to recover today. In fact, I had to get on the treadmill and walk a mile to loosen up my legs. That’s how much I hurt.

But the good news is that now I have a 16 miler done! I’ve tried 2 times now to do a 16 miler and it hasn’t worked out. Third time’s a charm!! After the week I’ve had, it’s a miracle that I finished strong like this. And I have a total of 31 miles for the week. Another coup!

I am still going to modify my plan though. One good long run doesn’t mean that the whole load isn’t too much. It still is. I think I’m going to drop back to 3-4 runs per week, depending on how much school I have. And I’m going to be ok with that… eventually. I have no choice really. I’m already dropping off. I can see it as a failure or I can see it as my own idea and plan. Why not make it deliberate? Right now I’m thinking positive and, positively speaking, there are ONLY TWO MORE LONG RUNS TO GO BEFORE THE MARATHON!!! YAY!!!

39th MCM medal

throwback to 39th MCM medal

Thanks for all the support from the running/blogging community this week! It helps so much to read your stories and comments and to hear from you all that I’m not crazy for thinking marathon training is so hard! I really appreciate it! Soon it will be race season and we’ll all get to enjoy the fun part of all this hard work!

5 responses to “First Outside Long-Run Of The Summer – DONE!

    • I used to think that about treadmill running… until someone figured out how to stick a tv monitor and 500 movie/tv/music apps onto one! The day they attach a cappuccino dispenser onto a treadmill I will give up outdoor running permanently. 🙂 J/k I only think this way about Florida running. When I lived in DC/VA I was outside come rain or shine. You are so lucky where you live!

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