So. Flippin. Tired. **WARNING – COMPLAINTS AHEAD**

I hate grad school…. well, not really. But I hate how running makes me hate grad school.

This training plan has made me even more tired than usual. And after a long day of work I’m so damn tired and just want to RELAX and maybe even go to sleep early. But what I actually have to do is start on a ton of school work and then do 10 miles of intervals. And I can’t put them off til tomorrow because of deadlines for school and because no time to run tomorrow at all.

It’s so hard to care about school or intervals after a long work day and taking care of two young kids. It would be easier if my kids were older. Everything would be easier without grad school. But I thought I could do it. I thought I could juggle it all without crashing from exhaustion. I mean, I did it last year right? Thing is… last year I only ran twice a week, no intervals and no fast runs. It was a survival type training – I was only training to survive the marathon. And even that was exhausting with school and work and kids. But this year, upping the training ante has wiped me out. It’s so much more exhausting to run 5x a week, with intervals and speed work, than to run 2x a week. Yeah, I know, shocking newsflash there right?

I called my run buddy to complain about this schedule of pain and how I never should have signed up for another marathon this year and definitely not signed up for a more ambitious training schedule. She helpfully and compassionately dished out an “I TOLD YOU SO!!” while waving her entry to the Marine Corps 10k in my face. Oh yeah? Well friends don’t let friends sign up for marathons in grad school! Major FAIL in the friendship department on her part if you ask me!

Just. So. Tired. But must get back to work. Chance of doing intervals tonight at 15%… and dropping… This all seemed possible til school started! I’m going to fail miserably at Marine Corps this year!

Next up:  Will a post-work cappuccino help me survive the rest of my training?

12 responses to “So. Flippin. Tired. **WARNING – COMPLAINTS AHEAD**

  1. Awwww! I am so sorry you are feeling this way! It sounds like you changed your mind set from last year and I wonder if approaching this year’s marathon the same way may help to relieve some of the pressure and stress. I hope things get better for you. Is there an option to drop down to the 10k-or defer?


    • Thanks! I guess I don’t know how to go into marathon training in a casual way. 🙂 And I guess I could defer, but I don’t want to. I want to run the 40th anniversary MCM, which is this year. But I’m reconsidering my training and goals in a big way right now. If you have the key to training and running a race less stressed, let me know!! Is it about lowering expectations? I have no idea.

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    • Ha, thanks! I also could not do it. 😦 I tried but at my first sprint I just crashed. Ended up just doing a few easy miles instead. If they were giving out medals for the most failed runs in a training cycle –> me. I’m going to try and redo intervals today though! Can I also medal in not giving up?

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  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you are feeling so tired and worn-out. It will pass though, that is the good news. You just need to sit down and figure out what you want to do. You don’t have to do the marathon this year if the idea of it is making you unhappy. No shame in saying it’s not the right time.


    • Thanks for saying that. Other runners are always so understanding about having to let go of a race or a race goal. Yes, I agree, I need to sit down and think about what I’m going to do. That’s on my weekend agenda! I think I’m good for at least finishing the race though – as in I can drag myself through the city and up the hill to Iwo Jima Memorial on my current fitness. But my time and training goals need serious adjustment for sure.


  3. I’m always amazed by you guys who manage to take care of kids and do school/work/training. It sucks that everything is so hard now! I can tell you’re frustrated and I’m empathy-frustrated for you. Maybe this is a bad week and it will get better, or maybe it is worth cutting back on your training, even if it’s just cutting one easy run day and running 4x/week. I know you’ll figure it out. PS – what are you studying in grad school? My bf just started his grad school and it is tough!


    • Thank you! Yes, maybe it’s just a bad week but I feel like I keep having them every other week. :/ It’s hard knowing that in order to do everything (school, work, kids, running) I will end up doing them less perfectly than if I just focused on 1 or 2 things only, that if I want to add running onto all of that then it will not be my best running. — I’m not studying anything as lucrative as accounting or getting a CPA. But I have a bunch of both of those in my family so if you ran through any of your schooling then bravo! I saw how hard it was first-hand. I’m on my 2nd masters right now, doing them back-to-back, courtesy of my military GI Bill. That’s why it seems I’ve been in school for forever!


      • Wow, I’m so glad you’re getting to take advantage of your GI benefits! Post-grad studies are no joke in any field. I kind of feel like I “cheated” by getting my master’s immediately following my undergrad, so it was before I was working full-time or had many commitments outside of school. Those were the days! Now I’m living the second-career grad school path through my boyfriend, so I think I have an idea of how you may be feeling. It will be so worth it when you’re finished!


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