New Disney World Race! – Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon & Dark Side Challenge

Oh Disney… what have you done? Just when I told myself that there is a limit as to how many mouse themed and princess & fairy themed races a person can do, they come out with a brand new Disney World race weekend theme – the Star Wars Half Marathon & Dark Side Challenge. As soon as I saw the ad from RunDisney, I immediately saw hundreds of dollars fly out of my pocket. Because I have to do this race.

Star Wars Half Marathon

Star Wars Half Marathon





I’ve talked about Disney races a lot on here, more than I’d care to admit. While I’m not at all obsessed with Disney World or Disney races (my family is another story), I will always attest to their brilliance at executing races. I’ve done 3 Disney races now (Wine & Dine x2, Disney Marathon x1) and I’m running Disney Marathon again this January. My family loves Disney World so, lately, all of the “extremely thoughtful and surprisingly considerate” race entries that my husband gifts me every year are becoming suspiciously more like “offers I can’t refuse”, Corleone style, to get me back to the park every year (I’m on to you, honey!).

But, fine, I will admit that I’ve been wanting to do one of the Disney race challenges. In addition to all of their headlining races, certain race weekends have challenges where you run multiple days, all different distances, for more medals and more fun. They have the Dopey Challenge, Goofy Challenge, Glass Slipper Challenge here at Disney World Orlando. And now there is the Dark Side Challenge. The Dopey and Goofy challenges are just nuts. They both have you running at least a half marathon and a marathon on the same weekend. The Glass Slipper and Dark Side are way more manageable, in my opinion, with just a half marathon and 10k. More power to everyone who can run a half and a full marathon and still have fun with toddlers and young kids at a theme park but that’s not me! Give me a few years though…

Star Wars Half Marathon

Star Wars Half Marathon




Anyway, even though Glass Slipper seemed more my speed, I wasn’t really inspired by the princess/fairy/tutu/tiara/glitter/sprinkles of it all. Nor am I a gung ho, mud run type either! But isn’t there something in between a tiara and mud?? YES! It’s called the Millennium Falcon! All I can think of is the medal potential for this Dark Side Challenge. 🙂 And it’s going to be hilarious to be able to see all these Star Wars fans come out in their best costumes. It’s like Comic Con coming to you!

I don’t think I’ll be dressing up, since I never do for these Disney races. I’m not sure yet. But when I considered it, my first thought was dressing up like a giant wookie. haha. When I mentioned it to my run team, their first thoughts were dressing up like Princess Leia. Ah yes… the typical go-to for chicks. I don’t think they see the potential of other characters. But ok, a wookie costume is not the easiest to run in either. The Leia thing, while not really original, would be easy, especially with Oiselle’s run dress from their “runaway bride” collection as a base. Come on, how easy would it be to transform this white dress into Princess Leia? And it’s already designed for running! It really doesn’t get any better than that, for those of you who are interested. In fact, the Oiselle dresses are perfect as a base for any Disney race (Belle from Beauty & the Beast, fairies, etc).

Oiselle run dress

Oiselle run dress… or Princess Leia circa Episode IV: A New Hope?





Ok I realize I’m getting really into this Star Wars thing. But I bet I won’t be the only one! This race is only going to get bigger and bigger at both Disney World and Disneyland, with them breaking ground on a Star Wars themed park in each location in anticipation of the new movies coming out. I’m sure this race will sell out really fast on September 22nd. As much as I want to do it, I’ll be lucky to get a spot with the way these races sell out in mere minutes! But I think I’m going to try. With a family that loves Disney World already, and a husband who’s a Star Wars fan, this shouldn’t be a tough sell. And, if I’m lucky, I can consolidate our Disney trips to just this one time of year (April) which is a good time to go up to Orlando anyway – low tourist season and the weather is still cool.

Anyone else thinking about running the first ever Disney World Star Wars Half Marathon race?? What Star Wars character would you dress up as to run this race? 

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