Worst Training Week Yet

Last week was not good. I felt drained. My intervals sucked. I skipped 2 whole runs. Then it all came together with a failed long run on Sunday (ran 11.5 instead of 16). It was my worst week yet. And it made me wonder if race day is going to be a big fat failure and whether I even give a damn.

frankly marathon training

frankly, marathon, I don’t give a damn






Well that’s how I felt on Sunday under the blazing heat after 11.5 miles, clutching a coconut water I bought from a store along my run route. I was out of gas. I had $3 emergency funds in my CamelBak (down from $20… where did that money go?!) that I used to buy some fuel at around the 10 mile mark. I told the cashier that I’m glad I had enough money on me because I would have panhandled outside their store to get it…. nobody has a sense of humor anymore. Granted I was standing there drenched in sweat wearing a backpack on a Sunday morning. She probably thought I was homeless (nobody recognizes distance runners anymore either).

I don’t know what happened last week. It started from the very beginning. I pushed off Tuesday’s run. Then intervals were awful. Then I realized that my brand new Asics Kayanos weren’t working for me. Had to return them and go back to the GT-2000’s. Then, by Saturday, I had skipped 2 runs and ended up being sick all day. Maybe that was the reason for feeling so physically run down all week? I got maybe 3 1/2 hours of sleep Saturday night before it was time to head out for my long run.

I met the run team on Sunday to maybe help me out a bit because I just had a feeling I wasn’t going to do well on my own. Also I hadn’t done a long run outside in FOREVER. No, really. I don’t remember when I’ve done a long run outside on this training cycle. But run team wasn’t the fix I needed because my usual pace runners weren’t there and the others on team went an opposite way that shaves a lot of miles off the long run route, meaning I’d have to make them up in the end. Not good. I didn’t have enough mental power to tack those on later. Plus, everyone was taking forever to start so we started 30 minutes late! That’s a LOT of time down here where the sun is rising and getting hotter and hotter. That didn’t do me any favors either. And it’s not that I wasn’t hitting my pacing. I was! I simply didn’t have the energy to continue.

run shoes

Asics GT-2000 3




I need a reset.



I’m only 3 weeks into my 5 week white-board calendar but I’m erasing everything and writing out the next 5 weeks starting now. This last week sucked so bad I don’t even want to look at it anymore. Also, I really need to examine my fueling and sleeping and fine tune everything. I suspect that I wasn’t taking in enough carbs or timing my carbs right for my runs. And I know I wasn’t getting enough proper sleep.

I’m going to reattempt my 16 miler next weekend. Yet again I’m switching around weekend runs. I’ll make this past one my drop down week. It’s fine, I guess. Also just got word that one of last year’s marathon training crew is going to start coming to run team again (they all signed up for late season marathons this year because of how hard it is to train during the summers here) so I’m really excited about that! Just having another serious runner come to the group is really motivating.

Yes, last week was awful, but I can only go up from here! Or as Scarlett O’Hara said…


How’s everyone doing on their marathon training? Anyone having to wrap their head around their Plan B for the marathon already?

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