When Did 6 Become The New 4??

Holy mileage. I got a big shock during my “easy 4 mile” treadmill last night when I look over at my run calendar on the wall and it says “easy 6 miles” instead! I didn’t even want to run yesterday and now it was 6?! Four miles, I could do that. Six miles, and I had to negotiate every quarter mile with myself after 2.5 miles… making for a very long run.

I guess I’m kind of in shock at how the mileage is progressing. I know that Runner’s World said that marathoners should aim for 30-50 miles per week (with elites or really serious amateur runners going well beyond that). This plan I’m on has me getting to around 43 miles per week, with 48 and 37 being the high and low from here on out. I can’t believe I’m already to the point where I’m logging the 40+ miles. I never stopped to think about what that would mean to the mid week runs. Yes, 6 is the new 4.

My late night treadmill shenanigans really threw me off and I started this week’s training a day late. I hate when I do this because it means that I run 5 days in a row rather than divvying it up a bit. It’s hard adjusting to this increase in total weekly mileage. I finish every week thinking, “Whew! Now I can take a lonnnng break after that crazy mileage week!” But “crazy” is also the new “normal.” I know most of you speedy marathoners are already used to 50+ miles per week but I haven’t run that kind of mileage since high school. I love it, don’t get me wrong. But it’s also scary and I’m at the bottom of a learning curve here. My body is learning how to adjust to it all over again.

BUT… this is what I wanted. I wanted to be a 40-50 miler per week runner and I want to be a sub 4 marathoner! I’m not sure what will happen this year but I’m really trying my hardest. Like I said before, if Marine Corps doesn’t end up being my sub 4, there’s always Disney Marathon 11 weeks later. I really don’t want to make Disney my PR race though because, well, Disney is crazy. Not that there aren’t fast runners at Disney Marathon! There are! In fact, it kind of pisses me off to see people running a 7 min marathon pace wearing tutus and mouse ears and neon flashing lights all over there body. Seriously, that’s their Disney costume fun pace?! Actually, it doesn’t piss me off at all. It’s funny. 🙂 But it also reminds me of my significant shortcomings. Yeah, don’t let that race fool you, there are some serious runners who show up there. So at least they may buoy me if all else fails at Marine Corps.

Buzz Lightyear

don’t let the costumes fool you, these folks are FAST!



What is your average weekly mileage now? Are you happy with it or do you feel it’s too little or too much?



2 responses to “When Did 6 Become The New 4??

  1. I know what you mean about increasing mileage being a shock to the system! You are doing awesome though, and your hard work is going to pay off. It would totally piss me off to get passed by a tutu wearer running 7-minute miles! My tutu pace would surely be way, way slower! I’m running in the upper 40s right now and I feel it is just right. I’ve done training plans where I ran a lot more miles, and it never paid off with faster times! I think *fingers crossed* that I’ve found my sweet spot.

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    • That’s really good to know that you are feeling top of your game at high 40’s. That’s my goal mileage! I know a lot of other stuff plays in there too though. I just can’t wait til high 40’s feels normal to me. Low 40’s feels like I’m ultra training right now! And yeah, head-to-toe light fixtures strapped onto people and they are BQ’ing at Disney. It’s unbelievable.

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